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Luxury vinyl plank gives you the look and feel of hardwood, but it's easier to install and care for, and more affordable. Plus, it stands up to kids, pets, water, spills, and life. Explore our online selection below.
  1. 4 Colors MS International Andover, Bayhill Blonde
    MS International Andover, Bayhill Blonde
    $3.09 sqft
  2. 4 Colors MS International Andover, Hatfield
    MS International Andover, Hatfield
    $3.09 sqft
  3. 2 Colors Timberhaus Signature Series, Venice Beach
    Timberhaus Signature Series, Venice Beach
    $4.19 sqft
  4. 6 Colors SAR Floors Titan, Centurion
    SAR Floors Titan, Centurion
    $2.69 sqft
  5. 4 Colors SAR Floors Versailles II, Beach Wood
    SAR Floors Versailles II, Beach Wood
    $2.99 sqft
  6. 8 Colors Next Floor Everwood, Glacier
    Next Floor Everwood, Glacier
    $4.79 sqft
  7. 2 Colors TRUCOR TruCor Tile IGT, Pietra Nero
    TRUCOR TruCor Tile IGT, Pietra Nero
    See Price In Cart
  8. 3 Colors Mannington Realta, Austria Snow
    Mannington Realta, Austria Snow
    See Price In Cart
  9. 2 Colors SAR Floors Riptide II, Hang Ten
    SAR Floors Riptide II, Hang Ten
    $3.69 sqft
  10. 3 Colors Heartland Aquashield, Pacific Oak
    Heartland Aquashield, Pacific Oak
    $1.99 sqft

Benefits of Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is a terrific, family-friendly option for almost any room in your home! Luxury vinyl offers many benefits, including scratch-resistance, durability, and the ability to stand up to foot traffic. All luxury vinyl flooring offers water resistance, and some luxury vinyl flooring is even waterproof! Additionally, vinyl flooring is easy to install—you might even choose to install it yourself. 

Best Rooms for Vinyl 

Vinyl flooring can work well in kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, and more. It is also great for homes with pets due to its anti-scratch properties. And because some types of luxury vinyl floors are waterproof, they can be ideal for laundry rooms, bathrooms, mudrooms, and even finished basements. 

WPC vs. Rigid Core (SPC) 

Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) and Stone Polymer Composite (SPC, also known as Rigid Core) are two types of waterproof luxury vinyl flooring. 

SPC/Rigid Core is an incredibly durable, waterproof vinyl flooring because, as the name states, it has a very rigid core. This core offers additional strength and makes it dent-resistant and very firm to walk on, but it can often feel cold. 

WPC is also waterproof, but it is less dense than rigid core flooring. It retains some warmth, and there’s a slight cushion to it underfoot. 

Both rigid core and WPC flooring can be used throughout your home and provide excellent resilience with easy care requirements. 

Vinyl Varieties 

Some luxury vinyl flooring includes attached padding, which can make them easier to install. If your flooring choice does not come with an attached pad, you’ll need to get a separate underlayment. 

Luxury vinyl also offers many different looks and even textures, including stone and hardwood styles. These neutral looks come in browns, greys, beige tones, and more. Some luxury vinyl has hand-scraped, wire-brushed, and other textures to better mimic real hardwood flooring. Because of its wood and stone styles, luxury vinyl flooring can be a stylish, budget-friendly substitute for higher-priced flooring choices.  

Luxury Vinyl vs. Sheet Vinyl 

Luxury vinyl flooring can come in planks (LVP) and tiles (LVT). LVP tends to mimic hardwood looks, while LVT is most often made to resemble stone and tile. Sheet vinyl comes as a large roll (typically 12-foot wide), and it can be cut to length to fit the size of your room.  

Sheet vinyl, like LVT and LVP, is designed to look like other types of flooring, mainly hardwood, stone, and tile. It can be less expensive than luxury vinyl flooring, and it is a reliable flooring option. 

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