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As one of the nation's foremost recyclers of carpet pad, and with a deliberate focus on providing sustainable and recycled products, we actively contribute to the well-being of our planet. Our dedication is rooted in the belief that responsible practices today will nurture a thriving environment for the generations to come.

Recycling Programs

We are one of the largest recyclers of carpet pad in the country. We recycle 100% of all used pad, and the pad that we sell is made of 90% recycled material. We are also piloting a recycling program with industry manufactures to divert waste streams.

Mindful Products

We are very intentional to ensure we offer products lines that are made of recycled materials, and sustainable resources. We meticulously curate our product lines to feature materials sourced from recycled and sustainable resources.

In our showrooms and online, you’ll see that we offer a diverse range of options that showcase our commitment to sustainability. From products that feature 100% renewable material, 100% post-consumer recycled product, 70% recycled content, PCV-Free products, made of 50% recycled bottles, and FloorSource® certified.

From the rich texture of 100% natural fibers like sisal and New Zealand wools to the timeless beauty of solid hardwoods and the elegance of natural stones like marble, slate, and travertine, every choice we make reflects our unwavering commitment to a greener, more responsible future.


FloorScore® certified flooring products play a vital role in achieving Low Emitting Material credits for esteemed sustainability standards, including the U.S. Green Building Council's (USGBC) LEED rating systems, Green Globes, Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS), CALGreen, and other sustainable building requirements.
Flooring adorned with the FloorScore logo is acknowledged for its positive impact on indoor air quality, aligning seamlessly with our commitment to providing environmentally responsible solutions for a healthier and sustainable living environment.