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How Rugs Protect Your Flooring

How Rugs Protect Your Flooring

There’s nothing like adding a stylish area rug that you absolutely adore to complete a gorgeous room scene within your home. Area rugs provide visual interest, pops of color, and inviting texture, making them excellent investments for both style and function. Not only excellent for framing different spaces and creating different feels within any floor plan, area rugs will also serve your home by defending against common mishaps and potential damage. They’re so much more than just chic décor accessories! Here are a few valuable ways area rugs protect your flooring.

Scratch, Scuff & Dent Protection

The average active household with kids and pets faces many daily potential offenses. Whether it’s cleats scraping against hardwood, dropped plates and glasses on tile, or claws snagging on plush carpet, each inconsequential moment indoors can potentially present blemishes to your surfaces. That’s why, in addition to choosing flooring that can handle the chaos, it’s wise to use area rugs to help shoulder some of the activity. Dropped items are cushioned effectively, while sharper and rougher outsoles from various footwear and pet nails won’t touch the surfaces underneath!

Preventing Stains & Liquid Damage

As all homeowners know, spills and puddles eventually occur in the home one way or another. Knocked over drinks and pet accidents are simply part of life! Since standing water can damage hardwood floors and spilled drinks can permanently stain carpet, thoughtfully place area rugs around coffee tables and other common gathering spaces to prevent liquid damage. Polyester fibers are inherently stain-resistant and most area rugs include topical stain protection.

Catching Abrasive Particles

From icy winter slush on boots to muddy sneakers after spring rain showers, the outdoor elements always seem to make their way indoors. Welcome mats are always encouraged at all entranceways, but additional rugs will help remove abrasive particles indoors as well. Hallway runners and decorative foyer carpets don’t just stylistically uplift spaces without furniture—they serve as another way to keep potentially damaging pieces of dirt and gravel from scraping across your pristine floors.

Reducing Foot Traffic Wear-And-Tear

Even if your home somehow miraculously never experiences scratches or spills, foot traffic over time will eventually wear down your flooring and dull its shining surface. By adding rugs to the high-traffic areas in your home, you can help keep your floors looking newer for a longer period of time. Polyester rugs are extremely affordable and can easily be changed as trends and your personal style change. Find the patterns and colors you love and your rugs will be a stylish, low-cost investment in the long-term appearance of your flooring!

For even greater design capability, you can create custom rugs with borders that perfectly fit the size of your rooms and match your décor. To design your own rug, stop by our Columbus, Ohio (East) or Indianapolis showrooms and try out our new Karastan rug display! This interactive display allows you to select and visualize your rug as you design it—from the size, pattern, color, binding, and more. It's an engaging experience that helps you create a custom piece for your home!

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