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Flooring that Promotes a Healthy Home Environment

Flooring that Promotes a Healthy Home Environment

In addition to creating inspired interiors that match our favorite décor theme, it’s incredibly important to create an easy-to-clean environment that will promote better indoor air quality and an overall healthier home. Poor indoor air quality can greatly affect all members of the household but prove especially problematic for those who suffer from allergies or asthma. Repeated exposure to pollutants in the air can cause headaches, irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat, dizziness, and possibly lead to long-term illnesses. Your flooring choices can make a significant difference in eliminating as many harmful pollutants from the home as possible!

Helpful Hard Surfaces

Hard surface flooring options such as hardwood, laminate, luxury vinyl, stone, and tile can certainly help contribute to a healthy home since they present solid surfaces that are easy to clean and sanitize effectively:

  • Hardwood – Search for planks that are constructed with no added formaldehyde and feature non-toxic UV stains. It is important to prevent and clean spills as quickly as possible since liquid can potentially be absorbed into the wood where bacteria can grow.
  • Luxury Vinyl & Laminate – Featuring greater water resistance than hardwood floors, these versatile products offer tremendously easy clean-up for an active home with kids and pets! Make sure to look for attached underlayment that offers antimicrobial protection and products that feature verified air quality certifications such as FloorScore.
  • Stone & Tile – Sealed tile and stone surfaces will resist moisture, mold, and germs, making them a great fit for the humid conditions that a bathroom will face. In order for these surfaces to be truly hypoallergenic, make sure to clean grout lines effectively to eliminate all bacteria.

Vacuums & Carpet Construction

Although harmful pollutants can potentially get trapped in carpet fibers, the ideal carpet construction for your family paired with the proper vacuum and procedure can help you breathe easier! Look for a CRI-approved vacuum model with an adjustable head height to maintain proper airflow and ensure the best suction for removal of pollutants. Check your carpet manufacturer’s recommendation for vacuum height and set your model accordingly for the most effective cleaning.

Third-Party Verified

To ensure that the flooring products you bring home support better indoor air quality, you can identify products that meet rigorous testing and standards to achieve Indoor Advantage Gold Certification. Products that boast FloorScore Certification have earned the most recognized indoor air quality (IAQ) certification standard for hard surface flooring materials, adhesives, and underlayments. Also, you can search for flooring that is third-party verified for EPA TSCA Title VI and CARB compliance with the most stringent emission restrictions.

No matter what flooring options you choose to install in your home, developing the most effective, consistent cleaning routine will help you create a healthier home environment for your loved ones. Consult your Personal Flooring Advisor for additional guidance on selecting flooring best suited for your household needs while matching your preferred décor style!

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