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We have carpet in almost every color, style, texture, pattern, material, or pile height. And something to fit any room, budget, or style.
  1. 5 Colors Southwind Prisms, Gravity
    Southwind Prisms, Gravity
    $3.49 sqft
  2. 5 Colors Southwind Prisms, Light Beam
    Southwind Prisms, Light Beam
    $3.49 sqft
  3. 6 Colors Shaw What's Up, Havana
    Shaw What's Up, Havana
    $3.39 sqft
  4. 6 Colors Shaw What's Up, Soft Chamois
    Shaw What's Up, Soft Chamois
    $3.39 sqft
  5. 3 Colors Certified Sensuous, French Terry
    Certified Sensuous, French Terry
    $1.99 sqft
  6. 3 Colors Mohawk SP970, 1
    Mohawk SP970, 1
    $3.29 sqft
  7. 12 Colors Shaw Into The Wind, Steel Beam
    Shaw Into The Wind, Steel Beam
    $1.04 sqft
  8. 5 Colors Phenix Bravo, Character
    Phenix Bravo, Character
    $2.84 sqft


How to choose the right carpet?

Carpet is soft, warm, and adds comfort to any room in which it's installed. It's no surprise that carpeting has such a long history as a beloved floor covering. 

What rooms can I put carpet in?

Carpeting is an excellent choice for many different rooms. Its comfort and versatility make this classic floor covering the perfect fit throughout your home. 

The bedroom is a natural choice for any type of carpeting, from berber to shag, and everything in between. Carpet can also absorb sounds from other parts of your home, helping create a serene atmosphere for sleep.

Your living room is also a prime room for carpet's unique qualities. Its inviting look and feel can make your living room very welcoming. It's an excellent flooring for playtime with kids and pets too. And since a lot of carpets come with stain resistance, it's also a practical option. 

If you have a finished basement, carpeting might be the ideal floor covering to make this extended living space more comfortable – by making the basement floor both softer and warmer to the touch. Many basements are utilized as family rooms, where carpets are an obvious and excellent choice.


What type of carpet is best for high traffic areas?

There are many different carpet characteristics – including material, pile height, and more – to consider for high traffic areas. A strong, durable option like nylon, polyester, triexta, or olefin might be the best option for hallways, stairs, and other high traffic rooms in your home.

Also, looped carpeting is highly durable and works well for high-traffic areas, as do frieze-style carpets, which have a cut pile look with a high twist level that can hide foot and vacuum tracks. 


What are the best carpet colors? 

Carpeting comes in many different colors. In fact, carpet comes in almost every color imaginable. Your personal preference will be the biggest factor in choosing which carpet color is best for your home. Neutral colors are always smart choices since they work so well with many different décor styles and aesthetics. 

Grey carpeting is an excellent choice for your living room! It's a chic neutral that makes other colors like orange, red, and blue pop.

Beige carpeting can elevate a dining room for dinner parties and family brunches. It’s a time-tested carpet color that can make your dining room look both friendly and elegant.

Cream carpeting looks right at home in your bedroom. It adds a neutral plushness that supports any bedroom look from traditional to modern.

Want to make a statement? White carpeting brings both luxurious and classic looks to bedrooms and living rooms. White can brighten up a room and make any space look more open.

Brown carpeting offers finished basements a classic, family-friendly appeal, adding a cushion for playrooms and gathering spaces that everyone will appreciate. Plus, it looks fantastic in rooms with low natural lighting. 

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