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ArmorWood in After Dusk

by Robbins
Color: After Dusk
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A beautiful home has always come second to a home filled with life, love and dogs. But it doesn’t have to anymore.
A revolutionary breakthrough in hardwood flooring. ArmorWood densified wood is a 100% natural product created using a 100% natural process. By harnessing the basic properties of heat and pressure, densified wood achieves extraordinary results as pure as nature. This is more than a new product, it’s a whole new category of flooring. What takes nature millions of years to do, we can do in a matter of minutes, transforming real hardwood into even harder wood. In this regard, densified wood truly stands alone as the first of its kind.
The ArmorWood Advantage
Our patented technology uses heat and pressure to create a revolutionary hardwood floor that’s 100% real hardwood while being 6X more dent resistant and 4X more scratch resistant than typical hardwood

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