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Your Guide to Hardwood Texturing

Your Guide to Hardwood Texturing

Whether you prefer a smooth, refined texture or a heavily distressed visual, authentic hardwood beauty is a timeless force in flooring and shows no signs of ever slowing down. If you are like many homeowners in the market for new wood floors, then you have surely noticed the dazzling array of textures to choose from. No matter how you prefer your rustic characteristics like knots, cracks, and graining presented, your home will benefit from hardwood floors in performance, styling, and resale value. Here’s a quick guide to four popular hardwood textures to help navigate which hardwood variety will deliver the aesthetic you love.


Ranging from subtle to extreme, hand scraped wood is popular in the hardwood market thanks to the way this technique creates aged texture. True to the name, craftsmen use items like metal gouges, chisels, and hand planes to hand-deliver the antiqued look. If you want a high degree of rustic charm, hand scraped texture will definitely provide successful results. Pick the level of scraped texture that you prefer! A heavy brushed floor is excellent at naturally hiding scratches and scuffs better than other textures.


Similar to hand scraped wood, wire brushing presents different levels from moderate to extreme texture.  In this process, steel bristles are brushed across the wood delicately to remove the top soft portion of the wood plank. This exposes the hardest wood and results in a warm and subtle scuffed effect that enhances the natural qualities we love about hardwood. For an extreme natural effect, pair a wire brushed texture with a low luster finish. You will see these products thrive in lighter, airy shades in the upcoming years.


If you want to craft a modern or contemporary feel, a smooth finished hardwood will help complete your design scheme to perfection. These wood options are sanded down gently for a soft, classic finish that still brings out the natural grain. This subtle, simple texture will always be well-received and easy to design with, as well as capture the natural beauty that hardwood lovers cherish. A smooth finish will disguise dust and pet hair better, but display dents and dings more readily.


To craft an industrial or vintage look, a distressed texture will deliver unmistakable hardwood flair. In creating the random markings and character of distressed hardwood, the planks are subjected to pebbles, bolts, and other small items that will beat against it in a rotating drum. Distressed wood is another great choice for high-traffic areas where your floors may take the most abuse. Everything imperfect basically becomes perfect in this bold option.

In today’s wide world of wood, even bold charred and burned textures are making waves! Explore all of our hardwood textures and get in touch with a Personal Flooring Advisor who will help you select the perfect finish.

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