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Waterproof? Water Resistant? Which Do I Need?

Waterproof? Water Resistant? Which Do I Need?

When it comes to selecting the best flooring materials to suit your household, only you have the most accurate idea of your lifestyle and home activity level. Do you have energetic kids and pets constantly creating adventures indoors, or is your home calmer and more subdued? Do you host get-togethers frequently or do you prefer to keep the household more contained to its residents? No matter what the general activity level is in your home, it’s wise to be prepared for the things you expect...and then a little bit more for the unexpected!

Thanks to modern innovation and advances in flooring technology, many hard surface products on the market today come with “waterproof” and “water-resistant” labels to the delight of homeowners, property managers, and builders everywhere. Although they may seemingly appear to mean the same thing, there is a distinction that deserves to be understood between these two product claims. Let’s take a quick look at the difference between waterproof and water-resistant flooring so that you can be properly ready for life’s chaotic moments:

Both waterproof and water-resistant flooring options will be great choices to handle everyday spills. Waterproof flooring means that your floors can be exposed to liquids and liquid spills without a time limit, and can withstand moisture and high-humidity environments without swelling or warping. If you live in a climate with heavy rainfall or humid temperatures, waterproof flooring is a sound investment for your property. If you have an active household that has a greater likelihood of experiencing spilled water, juice, soda, wine, or pet accidents, waterproof floors will repel spills without any damage to the floor itself- which can be a life-saver if you often discover these "surprises" well after they occur.

Versailles II luxury vinyl plank in Beach wood

The Versailles II in Beach Wood is a waterproof luxury vinyl plank with a wood look!

When it comes to water-resistant flooring, these options can resist a spill for only a limited amount of time before damage sets in. Under normal everyday circumstances, water-resistant flooring will serve the average household conditions suitably for kitchens, foyers, or mudrooms. If you need to preserve more of your design budget, water-resistant flooring will come at a lower price point! The key to preserving your water-resistant flooring is making sure that any standing water is removed entirely and as quickly as possible when it occurs.

Krono floordreams vario laminate in heritage barnwood

The Krono FloorDreams Vario in Heritage Barnwood is a laminate flooring option with water resistance!

If you are in the market for 100% waterproof flooring, look first to luxury vinyl flooring and other vinyl flooring types, as well as tile and stone options with the lowest water absorption rates. These surfaces are suitable for even basement conditions! If the areas you are shopping for only require water-resistant flooring, you will also be able to explore many laminate and engineered hardwood options. However, it is important to review the manufacturer’s warranty and installation requirements thoroughly before purchase. An improperly installed floor or installation in conditions not recommended by the product guidelines can potentially void the warranty against water damage.

Still looking for some expert guidance? Let us help you determine the best flooring fit for your rooms that require moisture protection! Enjoy the comfort, convenience, and confidence of in-home shopping with the Mobile Floor Source. Schedule your appointment today and a Personal Flooring Advisor will bring waterproof and water-resistant product samples to meet your needs, to your home.

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