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Trendy Tile Patterns in Unique Spaces

Trendy Tile Patterns in Unique Spaces

There are few flooring materials as chic, classic, and long-lasting as tile! Tile is produced in wide-ranging sizes, from small penny tile to pavers and planks that are incredibly heavy and sturdy. Tile is not only one of the most versatile flooring products—it can also be installed anywhere you can imagine around your home.

Maybe you’ve only envisioned neatly laid out square tiles on a bathroom floor, and that’s certainly a stylish and traditional look, but tile flooring can do so much more—both in design and in use.

Anywhere in your home where moisture might be found such as kitchens and bathrooms, tile is a great flooring material to install. However, tile flooring will look equally exceptional in laundry rooms and mudrooms—spaces where messes can often happen and where easy clean-up is prized. No mudroom in your home? You can essentially build your own by placing porcelain tile at the outdoor entrance to the room.

patterned tile in laundry room

Dazzling tile varieties work wonderfully in family rooms, wet bars, and outdoor kitchens. You can also choose elegant porcelain tile flooring when sprucing up your outdoor living spaces, patio, or terrace. Sleek, large format tiles make a stylish choice for a modern living room while small mosaic tiles create engaging visual interest in bathrooms, on fireplaces, or on stair risers. Patterns like herringbone, chevron, and basketweave will never go out of style. Hexagon and quatrefoil formats are popular and on-trend designs.

chevron patterned tile in kitchen

Tile flooring with engaging shapes or patterns, whether geometric, floral, or textured, are extremely popular as well. Color palettes run the gamut, from timeless neutrals to supersaturated jewel tones, and finishes go from matte to high gloss.

glossy black tile in shower

Another trend worth watching is how technology has allowed tile to mimic natural materials, such as marble and wood. Of course, the bonus is that it’s much easier to take care of tile than genuine marble or wood!

marble tile in updated bathroom

Whether lining the entryway, brightening the laundry room, or creating the perfect ambiance in the living room, you can use stylish and unique tile flooring throughout your home. Are you ready to start shopping for tile but need some guidance? Contact the experts at America’s Floor Source and start your dream remodel today.

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