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Three Tips for Selecting the Right Carpet

Three Tips for Selecting the Right Carpet

For the ultimate in coziness and comfort, there’s nothing like stepping foot on supremely soft carpeting to help your family relax and unwind! In fact, US carpet sales are greater than all other floorings options combined.  Adults, kids, and pets alike love the feel of a plush pile, which is perfect for playing games, watching movies, reading books, and general lounging.  Before you bring home your favorite carpet style, it’s always beneficial to answer a few key questions so that your carpet is poised for long-term success while meeting your specific household needs. Here are three valuable tips for selecting the right carpet.


  1. Consider the foot traffic needs of the room(s) – Depending on where your new carpet is being installed, you may need different types to suit different areas. High activity areas such as a family room or child’s bedroom will need a balance of stain resistance, resiliency, but also softness and color since you want these rooms to look attractive while handling the fun. Your more formal living room, dining room, master bedroom, and guest bedroom, will see less general activity and foot traffic, so you can indulge in as much softness, texture, and luxuriousness as you prefer! If you are carpeting your hallways and will have carpet at your entranceways, it’s wise to select a carpet construction and fiber that can handle high foot traffic and remain easy to clean.


  1. Choose the right carpet construction to serve your rooms – As you shop for your new carpet, you will come across the terms “loop pile” and “cut pile” in reference to the carpet’s construction and how the actual carpet fibers are attached to the carpet backing. Loop pile construction features fibers that are bent into small loops, which creates durable, stain-resistant, low profile carpets such as a Berber carpet (below):

Berber carpet 

Level loop carpets are excellent for resisting foot traffic and make a great fit for entryways, hallways, and stairs. Multi-level loop piles vary in height to create patterned texture (below) that adds visual interest while aiding in the easy cleanup of dirt, mud, pet accidents, and spills. Consider this valuable carpet type for a child’s bedroom, playroom, or rec room.

level loop carpet 

Cut pile carpets (below) feature yarn tips that are literally cut so there aren’t any loops, resulting in a carpet pile that is softer, thicker, and often more fashion-forward.  Master bedrooms, living rooms, and formal dining rooms are a great fit for this extra soft, rich construction that can hold footprints longer.

cut pile carpet

Friezes (below), Saxony carpets, shag carpets, and cable carpets are all cut pile varieties that bring undeniable comfort and style. Although these high fashion carpets are not a great fit for high activity and foot traffic, you can explore a cut-and-loop carpet construction that features cut pile and loop pile fibers. These carpets provide more of an all-around appeal with softness, texture, medium to moderate durability, and the ability to better hide dirt and stains.

shag carpet

  1. Select the right carpet fiber to fit your household characteristics – Just like different constructions are better suited for the needs of different areas in the home, the same principle applies to carpet fibers. Nylon will provide reliable performance, remain easy to clean and resilient while handling heavy traffic, resisting stains, and retaining its attractive appearance. Available at a medium price point, a nylon carpet like Shaw What's up in Havana (below) is a great fit for the average active home with kids and pets that experiences occasional accidents.

 What's up in Havana nylon carpet

Perfect for newer families looking for quick replacement, polyester carpet fiber offers style, value, and even sustainability, along with suitable durability, stain protection, and fade resistance at a valuable price point. This Phenix Base Hit variety in Fenway (below) embodies all of these desirable characteristics.

Base hit polyester carpet

Triexta fiber presents an incredibly stain resistant, eco-friendly, and durable carpet fiber, that’s an exceptional fit for highly active households that require low maintenance carpet. Mohawk’s Ideal Outlook in Espresso (below) is engineered for peak style and performance.

Mohawk Ideal Outlook triexta carpet

Polypropylene fiber, better known as olefin, boasts outstanding moisture and stain resistance which makes it a great fit for high traffic areas such as commercial entranceways. An olefin carpet style such as Mohawk’s Defender 20 in Charcoal (below) is designed for peak performance. Olefin is a good choice when considering which carpet is best for your basement.

Mohawk Defender olefin carpet            

We are ready to help you achieve your 2021 remodel goals and help you explore fabulous carpet styles for your home. Get in touch with our America’s Floor Source experts and we will set up a meeting to review all your favorite construction and carpet fiber samples!

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