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The Power of Patterns in Your Office

The Power of Patterns in Your Office

When it comes to designing an office, we want to make sure that the décor creates a relaxing yet engaging work environment. If we are working on an important project, then we want our creativity and focus to thrive while minimizing stress. Chances are, if we can avoid fashioning a boring office, then it will help produce the climate for our best output. One of the chicest and easiest ways to achieve visual interest is with patterns.

Patterns are a powerful decorating tool that has been used endlessly in interior design to create bold and subtle effects- both equally captivating when used correctly. Drawing inspiration from patterns found in nature, many fashionable patterns can remind us of daylight and the great outdoors, even if there are no windows in sight. Here are some of our favorite ways to add patterned design for peak office space rejuvenation:

Don’t Overwhelm Your Office: We use patterns to add life, but we want to avoid creating visual chaos. Interior designers recommend following a ratio of 30% solid color, 60% neutral color, and 10% patterns within the overall office design scheme. Stay within the same family of colors for all categories and choose one unifying color to bring all aspects together.

Choose Your Colors Wisely: As you pick patterns for your office, keep in mind that different color combinations inspire different moods. Calming blues and greens inspire focus and efficiency. Red stimulates and drives high-energy, passionate situations while yellow lends vibrancy for fresh, new energy. Depending on your work role, some colorful patterns may be more appropriate than others.

Area Rugs Make Attractive Additions: If you can’t commit to bold patterned wallpaper in the office, patterned area rugs are an excellent alternative to provide a pop of radiant color and bring your space alive. Add a fascinating geometric pattern to inspire intellectual brilliance or a tranquil floral, leaf, or water-print rug to bring the comfort of nature indoors.

Furnish Patterns with Furniture: Similar to using area rugs, the upholstery and fabric on furniture, such as chairs and couches, can be used to personalize your space and express your design vision. If you have solid-color walls, patterned furniture will provide balance, while raising visual interest. Whether you choose polka dots, stripes, words, abstract colors, or something completely different, take the opportunity to find a pattern that brings you joy and makes a sleepy space wake up with inspiration.

In the end, add patterns that lend the energy you crave for your home or workplace office. It’s all about using your imagination to achieve a design that will spark your think tank when it’s crunch time!

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