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The Best Flooring for a Home with Pets?

The Best Flooring for a Home with Pets?

It goes without saying that our lovable pets truly become members of the family, and we love spending time with them throughout the home! Dogs, cats, hamsters, birds, iguanas, and more, we cherish our domesticated animals and marvel at their every move. However, sometimes it takes a while for our pets to learn how to behave indoors and pet accidents are essentially inevitable. To preserve your inspired interiors and your sanity, it helps to invest in floor coverings that can handle the activity of our pets and the mishaps that can occur. Here are a few of our favorite flooring options for a home with pets:

  • 1. Luxury Vinyl Tile & Plank

  • If you love the look of genuine hardwood but are worried about scratches from claws, as well as knocked-over water bowls and pet accidents damaging your planks, then luxury vinyl will be a life-saver in a home with pets! Inherently 100% waterproof*, you never have to worry about liquid or spills damaging your floors. In addition to offering easy clean-up, LVT & LVP offer a durable infused top layer that provides a scratch and stain-resistant surface. The products with attached underlayment also help with sound insulation and antimicrobial protection, both extremely valuable qualities in an active home with pets! Luxury vinyl allows you to create the realistic look you love without the worry of harm or timely upkeep.

2. Laminate

Similar to luxury vinyl but often with even more enhanced durability thanks to aluminum oxide protection, laminate flooring will also be able to resist the wear-and-tear from life with pets and offer greater moisture resistance than wood. Today’s laminate products benefit from the latest technological advances in both design and manufacturing, which creates a stunningly realistic hardwood look. Along with easy clean-up and upkeep, laminate floors offer ease of installation and repair should any mishaps occur over the years. Since laminate products can vary in moisture protection, scratch defense, and grade installation, make sure to verify your favorite laminate style is suitable for the conditions where you want to install. 

3. Stone & Tile

Timeless, durable, and strikingly gorgeous, homeowners around the world have depended on the toughness and performance characteristics of tile and stone for centuries. With a sealed outer surface, a tile or stone surface resists stains, most scratches, as well as moisture, mold, and germs. Although tile and stone won’t offer pets a warm surface to relax on, you will enjoy a waterproof, hypoallergenic floor that’s attractive and easy to maintain. If your home is in a hot, humid climate, or a dry and arid climate, your pets will love to cool down on a tile or stone floor that also gives you ultimate peace of mind.

4. Carpet

Although not all carpeting is well suited for life with pets, the right carpet construction and carpet fiber will serve your home well over the years. It’s wise to avoid loop construction carpet that can get damaged by pet claws and nails, as well as shag or frieze carpets that can be hard to clean. Instead, a cut and loop carpet construction will add softness and texture that will hide dirt and stains in between cleanings. Explore carpets that are specifically engineered for stain resistance and invest in carpet fiber that will be the best fit for pets such as polyester, nylon, Triexta, or olefin. The right carpet construction and fiber combination will handle pet activity and stay looking fresh for longer.

We are ready to help you explore all of the pet-friendly flooring styles that will complete your favorite design scheme! Contact us to schedule an appointment and one of our professional flooring experts will get in touch with you promptly.


*If moisture sits on a surface long enough it is likely to cause some degree of damage. Products are not guaranteed to be waterproof against flooding or excessive subfloor moisture. In order to select the flooring and installation method best suited for your space, please consult your Personal Flooring Advisor and refer to manufacturer specifications.

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