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The 3 Best Flooring Options for Your Bathroom

The 3 Best Flooring Options for Your Bathroom

There’s nothing like a warm shower and pampering yourself in a stylish, soothing bathroom to help relax before or after a long, productive day of work. Since we typically begin and end each day with our bathroom routines, why not invest and craft this space for complete rejuvenation and tranquility? Of course, bathroom flooring will require certain performance characteristics to handle the specific needs of the space. As you begin your remodel project for this key area of the home, here are our picks for the 3 best flooring options for your bathroom:

1. Sheet Vinyl

If you are looking to execute an easy, efficient, budget-friendly bathroom remodel, sheet vinyl can help you complete the new flooring in record time. Vinyl floors are not only inherently resistant to moisture, but their affordability and ease of installation are also unparalleled.

bathroom flooring

Modern sheet vinyl visuals have been revolutionized with vastly improved printing technology since their earliest versions. They offer fashionable stone, tile, or hardwood looks that are exceptionally easy to care for. Warmer underfoot than hard surface options and with greater resilience, sheet vinyl flooring offers valuable, versatile performance for a bathroom remodel with a quick turnaround.  

2. Luxury Vinyl Tile/Luxury Vinyl Plank

For cutting-edge wood and stone looks with authentic texture, Luxury Vinyl Tile and Luxury Vinyl Plank options are perfect for a bathroom remodel. In addition to inherent water resistance, resilience, and durability, luxury vinyl is available in the hottest plank and tile sizes for realistic finished floors. Styles like this Next Floor ScratchMaster Everwood in Pewter Plate are not only more affordable than the genuine material, but they will offer easier installation, maintenance, and will remain warmer underfoot as you perform your morning and evening routines:

luxury vinyl flooring

3. Ceramic Tile/Porcelain Tile

You can create a timeless or modern bathroom using ceramic or porcelain tile. In addition to durability, tile offers a nearly endless array of shapes, sizes, and finishes for vast design capability. Thanks to advanced design technology, you can even capture hardwood and natural stone realism with tile! A chic bathroom remodel completed with tile such as Alfalux Ceramiche Hills porcelain tile in Cerrato (below) can add value to your home while providing moisture and slip resistance around the clock.

ceramic tile flooring  

You can also explore installing a radiant heating system for even more warmth and comfort underfoot! This cozy master bathroom features rich wood-look tile floors, while adding extra warmth underneath with a radiant heating system: 

bathroom flooring

You can’t go wrong with these 3 fantastic bathroom flooring options and we are happy to explore all the varieties we carry to bring your design refresh to life! Set up a Virtual Design Appointment with our America’s Floor Source experts and we will set up an online meeting to review the flooring samples that will complete your inspired bathroom.

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