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Summer Flooring Trends for 2020

Summer Flooring Trends for 2020

When the sun comes out and shines into the late evenings, we know that summer is in full swing! As we spend more time at home this year to ensure our families are safe, it’s important to not only get outside and receive the healthy sunlight but also to give our homes seasonal design refreshes to keep from feeling stuck in routine. Whether you are looking to renovate an entire room or simply add a seasonal touch, take a moment to get inspired by these summer flooring trends for 2020:

Coastal Chic Decor

Everyone loves a summer trip to the beach! Consider using coastal chic style elements in your home to bring in the relaxing vibe for the summer months! Light, airy hardwood varieties like wire-brushed oak and maple are not only thriving this year, but they are the perfect sandy-colored species to use for a coastal aesthetic. You can also opt for white-washed or distressed wood for weathered appeal that harkens back to seaside piers. Glass tile countertops and backsplashes will shimmer like bodies of water, and using a unique design layout or mosaic will remind you of your favorite boardwalk. Give your white trim a fresh coat of paint to make your completed room design gleam like a day at the coast!

Inspired Area Rugs

Savvy homeowners know that area rugs present an exceptionally easy way to instantly capture the spirit of any season, and summer is no exception. Maybe you want to add rugs in your home that depict summer scenes, creatures like fireflies and ladybugs, bright florals, or simply colors that pop! For a patriotic touch, any rug that uses or combines stars, stripes, and our nation’s color scheme of red, white, and blue will effortlessly capture summer celebrations. If you want to enhance your coastal chic décor, select sisal rugs that use nautical elements, beachy creatures, distressed or wind-swept beiges, or cool blues that emulate skies and waves. Whether you use stylish rugs inside or welcome mats outside, all of these additions will help reduce the amount of summer elements tracked indoors and protect your floors underneath!

Light & Simple

No matter what type of flooring you may be considering for your summer renovations, lighter shades paired with muted finishes are perfect for playing off the extra natural light and making your home feel like an extension of the season. We’ve already mentioned airy hardwoods, but lighter-colored stone, tile, LVT, and laminate options are all perfect for the warm season. Longer, wider planks and larger sized tiles will make rooms feel more spacious and further contribute to a brighter, breezy vibe. With the rise of open floorplans, a simpler, uncomplicated plank or tile layout will naturally make your interior feel expansive and calming. If you can’t stay at a resort this summer, give your home a luxurious feel! When you’re ready to discover more summer flooring trends with a Personal Flooring Advisor, schedule an appointment with our Mobile Floor Source and we will help you bring home the styles that help you unwind all year long.

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