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Sports Flooring 101

Sports Flooring 101

It’s no secret that 2020 has made everyone adjust their routines, and this certainly applies to our fitness schedule and activities. With the temporary closings of many gyms and athletic facilities, as well as the cancellation of competitive sports leagues for both children and adults, many families are looking for ways to train at home.

Just like our favorite indoor courts, gyms, practice areas, and locker rooms, we can use the same innovative flooring choices to create household areas for working out and play spaces. These household options will need to be easy to maintain and built to handle demanding activity. Prized for resiliency, durability, and easy cleanability, here are some of our top selections for superior sports flooring: 

Rubber Tile – Many homeowners have seen rubber tile used in a basement, mudroom, or garage, and rubber flooring is an exceptional choice for a weight room or training surface, since it offers supreme durability and resiliency. Whether it’s a dropped weight, the stomping of cleats, active children at play, or general foot traffic, rubber flooring will absorb impact, resist dents, and bounce back to form! You can even go green with easy-to-install rolls or tiles of recycled rubber, which is best suited for non-competitive locations. Rubber tile is available in various thickness levels as well as different underlayment options to optimize performance.

Luxury Vinyl Tile – As an inherently waterproof surface, luxury vinyl tile allows your local gym to create a stylish locker room that can handle high-moisture, high foot traffic, and resist scratches, scuffs, and stains. If want to create a training area in a room exposed to moisture, LVT is easy to install with air-tight locking systems, so that you can have the attractive look of stone or wood in an area not well-suited for the genuine materials. With the constant likelihood of sweat and accidentally knocked-over water bottles, your LVT floors are easy to clean and in no danger of liquid damage. You really can have style and function when it comes to sports flooring.

Custom Area Rugs – To complete your finished training area or play space, consider creating a custom area rug with your favorite team’s color scheme to add extra soft comfort and protect against tracked-in particles under sneakers. Choose a resilient carpet fiber like nylon or Triexta with stain resistance and durability, and design your rugs with borders of your favorite colors. Lastly, custom size your rug to perfectly fit the dimensions of the area in your home.

If you need help selecting sports flooring or want to get accurate estimates for different spaces, schedule an appointment with our Mobile Floor Source and a Personal Flooring Advisor will help you complete your top-notch training area right in the house!

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