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Six Common Mistakes when Choosing Floor Coverings

Six Common Mistakes when Choosing Floor Coverings

As the foundational anchor to your interior design scheme and the performance of each room throughout your home, it goes without saying that choosing floor coverings is an important process! Flooring purchases are also significant value-adding investments that can make a major difference if a home is relisted in the future. It’s essential to install surfaces that you will love to live on now, and that will serve your home for decades to come. With some thoughtful consideration, you can avoid these seven common mistakes when choosing floor coverings:


  • Not considering room and lifestyle factors – Looks are certainly important, but your new flooring needs to serve each room and activity level effectively. If you have an active home with kids, pets, high foot traffic, and frequent get-togethers, you will need floors with high scratch and stain resistance! Certain rooms like kitchens, bathrooms, mudrooms, and laundry rooms will require flooring that can handle moisture and humidity. Pay attention to these factors to avoid damage to your floors down the line.


  • Not asking questions or viewing the product in its intended space before buying – When it comes to shopping for flooring, now is the time to ask ANY question! If you think a flooring option looks great in-store but don’t know if it will fit your home well, always ask for help. Whatever questions you might have, you can always Ask Our America’s Floor Source Experts and also ask a question in the "Flooring Q&A and More" Facebook group. Try using our Roomvo room visualizer tool to select and view flooring styles in every room in your home. Set up an in-home shopping appointment with our Mobile Floor Source filled with over 2,000 unique flooring samples brought to your home. Now is the time to clear up all grey areas!


  • Not considering the walls – Make sure you consider the way your favorite flooring options for each room will contrast and pair with the respective color of the walls. You generally do not want the color of the floor to be similar to the wall color, and you also don’t want patterns of walls and floors to clash. Each room is different, so take this into consideration throughout the home.


  • Not considering patterned layouts – Similarly, don’t miss out on the opportunity to create visual interest with your flooring layout when choosing new surfaces. Stone and tile shapes naturally lend themselves to mosaics, unique designs, mixed-size installations, and even actual patterned varieties. Hardwood, laminate, and LVT planks can also be used to create artistic designs for upscale appeal.


  • Not hiring professional installers – Hiring professional installation will ensure you receive professional results. If you are investing in flooring material, the installation is an extension of your investment. There is no reason to cut corners on flooring that you spent ample time selecting and used your valuable budget on. Avoid this mistake entirely and call the pros!       


  • Not paying for quality – If you are looking for a quick remodel or anticipate future makeovers down the line when the kids get older, then it might make sense to opt for less expensive flooring material. Otherwise, invest in the floor covering that you will cherish now and that will last for years down the line! A great product will not shine like it should when installed if the finished job looks rushed or shoddy.


We are ready to assist your flooring journey in any way we can. Together, let’s navigate all of these considerations and avoid common mistakes altogether. Contact us to get started and one of our professional flooring experts will get back to you promptly!

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