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Rugs Change a Room

Rugs Change a Room

Whether your home captures a rustic design scheme, an eclectic layout, or a sleek modern presentation, area rugs offer an incredibly easy way to help refresh your favorite rooms. You can instantly add softness, texture, color, and pattern throughout the home, and rotate rugs as often as you prefer! Also, stylish rugs become valuable protectors of your beautiful floors underneath in a multitude of ways. No matter what your favorite shades, visuals, and constructions may be, here are four significant ways that rugs change a room:  

1. Visual Interest 

A seasonal design refresh is easier to achieve than you may think with the use of eye-catching area rugs. In addition to helping you avoid monotony indoors, adding a new rug will allow you to introduce bold new color, pattern, and other visuals that can transform the way a room feels. Rug colors can also enhance the mood you aim to craft: Try using light gray tones to increase visual space, vibrant yellow to add confidence, bold red to kick up the energy, and soothing blues and greens to bring in tranquility.  

Depending on the season, you may want a rug motif to coincide with the décor or seasonal palette. A gorgeous abstract rug visual can even serve as an artistic statement in a room where you will host get-togethersWe love this Stanton Talia rug in color Slate (below), perfect for adding visual interest with an eye-catching zebra print created from gorgeous light blue and cream tones:

2. Added Softness & Texture

If your home has hard surface flooring, area rugs will allow you to indulge in the softness you crave underfoot! If you love a thicker, plush carpet construction such as friezes or shag carpets, area rugs will allow you to add some of the desired rich texture- without the hassle of carpet installation. Adding area rugs to rooms such as master bedrooms, living rooms, and family rooms, will bring in extra warmth and coziness to the areas where relaxing and unwinding are highly prioritized.  


3. Adding Balance & Proportion

Rugs can be found in a variety of sizes to fit specific areas in the home. For example, an elongated rug or ‘runner’ will enhance the proportion and balance of a hallway and help unify all the décor. In your dining room, we advise purchasing a rug that’s large enough to fit all legs of the dining table to ensure all seating and dining is uniform.  


4. More Protection

Rugs can also change a room by making it much easier to maintain! In addition to providing attractive visuals, rugs are an investment in your floor’s defense against the wear-and-tear of foot traffic and various outdoor elements. Not only do rugs help catch abrasive particles before they scrape across your floor, in the event of an unfortunate spill they can help serve as the first moisture barrier before liquid reaches your floor. If you have active kids and pets that frequently trot through the home, rugs will help cushion the noise and absorb sound. When you need to clean your floors before guests come over, your rugs will have kept more dirt and messes at bay! For a stylish rug that will help handle the activity in your home, we love the Stanton Oldtown rug in color Charcoal (below): 

When you're ready to add a rug to your home, check out our rugs available online, or stop by our showroom to work with one of our flooring experts. To design your own rug, stop by our Columbus, Ohio (East) or Indianapolis showrooms and try out our new Karastan rug display:


This interactive display allows you to select and visualize your rug as you design it—from the size, pattern, color, binding, and more. It's an engaging experience that helps you create a custom piece for your home!

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