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Pros and Cons of Carpet Tiles

Pros and Cons of Carpet Tiles

If you’ve considered adding the plush softness of carpet to your remodeling plans, has using carpet tiles come to mind? Although you have probably walked over carpet tiles many times in offices and businesses, you may have never considered them as a choice for your home or other properties. There are valuable reasons why commercial establishments choose carpet tiles as a flooring solution and these factors may apply to your favorite rooms as well! Whether for wall-to-wall carpeting or to create an area rug, the following advantages can make carpet tiles an exciting option to consider in your home flooring decision:

Pros for using carpet tiles


Perhaps the biggest reason to consider carpet tiles in a home setting is the expanded design options they offer to your flooring project. The flexible aspect of the tiles can give you the option to create unique, eye-catching designs and arrangements. Mixing different shapes and patterns in a room space can dramatically affect a room's energy and mood. You can even take the creativity further by mixing tile sizes and pattern directions. It doesn't take long to realize that the number of possible design combinations is limited only by your imagination.


Timelapse in Midnight Sky


Nature’s Linen in Denim Blue


Woven Fringe in Snow Kissed


Another great reason to consider using carpet tiles is that the installation can be easier to do than installing a carpet roll. The smaller size of the modular tiles makes the carpet piece's handling and setting a simple task. There is no stretching of the carpet with a knee kicker or other stretching tool. This ease of installation makes carpet tiles very appealing to do the DIY crowd. Our Floorigami tile, by Shaw, use the simple peel and stick application method:


When it comes to maintaining carpet tiles, keeping the carpet clean is generally the same as regular carpet. However, if there is a badly stained or damaged carpet section, repairing that section of your carpet is a much less daunting task with carpet tiles.  You can pull up only the tiles that have a problem and replace them with new ones. This makes them great for kids’ playrooms, hallway runners, home offices, home gyms, and rec rooms, as well as bedroom or dining room area rugs.


Tri-Tone in Feathered


It’s Magic in Smoke


Dynamic Vision in Spice Cookie

Cons for using carpet tiles

Possible Visible Seams

Depending on the carpet texture and pattern on the carpet tile, the individual carpet tiles can be noticeable to an extent. This visibility may work fine with your planned pattern design, but it is something to think about if you desire a more subtle tile layout design.

Wear Patterns

Carpet tiles can begin to show wear at the seams if they are in an area where there is heavy foot traffic. This can be particularly true if the floor underneath the carpeting is uneven. While the tiles are simple to replace, traffic patterns should be considered as you make your plans.

With many appealing advantages to using carpet tiles as a flooring solution, we are ready to help you explore this exciting design option for your inspired spaces. To get your project started today, check out our online selection of Floorigami carpet tiles, or get in touch with our America's Floor Source experts. We're happy to review and send you samples of these fantastic designs!

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