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Product Feature: Rubber Tile/Gym Flooring

Product Feature: Rubber Tile/Gym Flooring

With more time spent at home over the past year and a half, homeowners across the nation have rediscovered the convenience of having a home gym or yoga space on hand. Whether you have a ‘flex’ room that you are looking to convert into a fitness area or a basement corner, you will need an innovative flooring choice with durability and resiliency to handle the activity and remain easy to take care of. If you have never heard of ‘sports flooring’ before, consider this your introduction to a valuable new category! Let’s a take look at an exciting product feature: Rubber Tile/Gym Flooring.



Created from vulcanized composition rubber, rubber tiles such as Ecore Everlast Fundamentals provide 8mm thickness that delivers superior resiliency. Offered in 23” by 23” format with border tiles, center tiles, and corner tiles, you can use these interlocking pieces to create different sized square and rectangle layout options to fit your specific space. Available in Buff Blue or Grippin Gray color schemes, the speckled appearance offers a fashion-forward visual that looks fresh for longer in between cleanings.



Rubber gym flooring is a great choice for a home fitness surface since it is durable, resilient, slip-resistant, quiet underfoot, and shock absorbent. Not only can rubber tiles absorb the impact of dropped weights or resist denting from lightweight strength equipment, but they can also handle high foot traffic and cardio. If you’ve been searching for a good playroom surface for active children, this tough product comes with a 3-Year Residential and Commercial Warranty to ensure premium performance.



One of the major benefits of rubber fitness flooring is that these easy-to-use interlocking pieces can be installed over existing flooring without adhesive and can be easily moved from room to room.  Maybe you want to turn an unused portion of the basement or garage into your functional workout area. Perhaps you are a new empty-nester and want to convert a flex space or mudroom into a home gym. Rubber tile gym flooring allows you the versatility to create or change a workout location as frequently as you need to. 



You will love how easy it is to care for composition rubber flooring: Your regular maintenance routine is simply dust mopping, sweeping, or vacuuming all abrasive debris from your floor. For more thorough cleaning and/or disinfecting guidelines, check the manufacturer specifications.


Not only will a home gym created with rubber tiles allow you to save money each month by canceling a gym membership, but you can also improve your home’s resale value with other fitness-minded homebuyers! Schedule an appointment with our Mobile Floor Source today and a Personal Flooring Advisor can help you get an accurate estimate for creating your new fitness area.

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