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Preparing Your Home for Fall

Preparing Your Home for Fall

As the months pass, trees drop leaves, and school starts up again, it means that the summer season is drawing to a close and fall is upon us. With every seasonal change, nature adapts. As a result, our homes experience the transition as well. For homeowners, it’s important to anticipate what the forthcoming months can bring and prepare our homes appropriately! These are a few of our favorite considerations when preparing your home for fall and the possible surface offenders that may arise.

Start with a Deep Clean

This past summer likely involved plenty of potentially messy cookouts, lots of indoor and outdoor traffic, sunscreen, and pool water. As the kids return to school, even if they are still at home with socially distanced learning, you can use the opportunity to give your floors a good deep cleaning to remove any remnants of summer fun. If you normally sweep and spot clean your hard surface flooring, take the time to damp mop them (but you should check with your manufacturer first regarding their care and maintenance guidelines before you do so.) Consider a professional carpet cleaning if it has been a while. At the very least, move furniture to do a thorough vacuuming.

Add Seasonal Area Rugs

When the warm and rainy season begins to subside, trees will lose their leaves as fall proceeds. These dried-out leaves, pinecones, and other seeds can be brought inside on footwear and prove to be especially abrasive to your floors. Use this change of the seasons to switch out your area rugs and entranceway mats to reflect fall themes and colors while still protecting your floors and keeping tracked-in fall offenders from coming inside.

Rotate Furniture & Clean Underneath

It seems like every new summer continues to set new temperature records and the warm sunlight is no joke! If you are concerned about your floors wearing evenly over the course of the year, you may consider rotating your furniture for fall, especially in rooms that receive the most natural light from outside. This is also a great opportunity to clean hard-to-reach areas where furniture once was while replacing the felt pads underneath furniture to prevent scratches to your floors.

Install a Radial Heating System

If you are changing flooring in any area of your home, you can add warmth by installing a radial heating system under any ceramic, porcelain, or natural stone tile. This will keep your toes toasty during those chilly fall evenings.

Fall is certainly a great time to begin preparing for the winter, so you may also take the time to get your chimney and fireplace professionally cleaned in advance of the extreme cold. Enjoy the cooler fall months as they come and make sure to explore the benefits of shopping from home with America’s Floor Source to address any flooring needs for the rest of the year!

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