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Make Your Kitchen Stand Out with Uniquely Used Subway Tile

Make Your Kitchen Stand Out with Uniquely Used Subway Tile

Subway tile: it seems like nearly everyone is using it in their kitchen backsplash, showers and even as flooring. It’s not hard to see why; subway tile can elevate a room and gives it a modern look. If you love the look of subway tile, but still want your space to stand out, we’ve got some ideas.

According to HGTV, subway tile has an interesting place in American history. In 1904, designers George C. Heins and Christopher Grant La Farge were tasked with creating something that would give the subway in New York City a familiar and stylish appearance, while being easy to clean. Their solution was installing 3-by-6-inch rectangles in a brick bond pattern. Clearly they succeeded, as subway tile is still widely used in homes across the country, and it’s seen a major resurgence in recent years.

Make Your Subway Tile Stand Out

It’s a tale as old as time: you love new trends and you’re inspired to update your kitchen or bathroom to match. However, you want to make the trend work with your style. You want your home to be a reflection of your family, your tastes and your creativity. Luckily, there are plenty of ways for you to get creative while still evoking everything you love about subway tile.

Pattern it Up

Get creative with how you lay your subway tile! While brick bond is far and away the most popular way to lay subway tile, you can switch it up and create something chiq. For a modern twist, flip your subway tiles vertically. The vertical tiles can elongate your room and make your ceilings look higher. If you love subway tile but prefer a more classic look throughout your home, use a herringbone pattern. Herringbone creates a dynamic look and makes your subway tile the focal point of your kitchen or bathroom. If you’re a minimalist or your style is mid-century modern, you can keep things simple and stack your subway tile. The look works both horizontally and vertically, creating a beautiful geometric appearance. For the funkier designer, run your subway tiles diagonally. Diagonally patterned tile creates movement and flow in a space.

Play with Color

Perhaps the most obvious way to customize your subway tile is to use color. Because subway tile is reflective and shiny, colored subway tile can create a beautiful effect, and your guests will be dazzled at how natural light dances off the colors. White subway tile is a classic, but if you want a more modern and masculine look, select a gray subway tile. Gray subway tile can create a stunning ultra-modern look, especially when paired with white countertops. You can add dimension by choosing different shades of the same color. If you’re feeling more daring, go with an accent color like emerald green or evoke the look of brick with fire hydrant red subway tile.

Textured Tile

For something completely different, try using a textured subway tile. The natural sheen of subway tile coupled with a unique texture can create an interesting effect and bounces light around your space in a totally new way. There are plenty of subway tiles on the market with raised or lowered edges, framing each tile in a lively way. Do away with the shine with a matte subway tile, which can mimic the look of brick. Finally, you can play with other materials; use a classic subway tile pattern with stone or try something even more shimmery and dimensioned with glass subway tile.

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