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How To Make a Statement with Creatively Styled Stairs

How To Make a Statement with Creatively Styled Stairs

There are plenty of ways to make your home uniquely yours. With the rest of your home beautifully decorated, the staircase can feel like wasted space – but it doesn’t have to.

At America’s Floor Source, we’re always dreaming of ways to give your home an extra touch of personality, comfort and flair, and if you get creative, you can turn your staircase into a work of art. This time, we’ve come up with some fun ways you can spice up your staircase.

Add a Runner Carpet for a Touch of Elegance

Carpeted staircases can feel dated, but they’re great for families with small children or older adults who might need a little extra traction. Plus, they’re comfortable and muffle the sound of the heavy steppers in your family, keeping your home quieter.

A great way to combine these benefits with stylishness is to use a runner rather than going full-blown carpeted stairway, as long as your stairs have finish-grade treads and risers. Go with an understated patterned runner if you’re looking for an opulent look. If you’re more of a minimalist decorator, try a solid color or try a patterned runner with low contrast colors.

If you’re known for using bright colors and patterns to decorate, your stairs don’t need to be left out. Choose a floral or multicolored runner to bring in colors from other rooms. Bohemian runners can stunningly contrast wood stairs as well if you like a more rustic or boho style.

Use Tile for an Interesting Flair

We love finding new ways to use luxury vinyl tile in the home, and they can create a striking effect on the staircase, too. If you want the look of hardwood stairs but you’re not ready to remodel the staircase completely, LVT can emulate the look you’re searching for. In the same vein, LVT can mimic the look of marble, concrete and slate floors, so you can achieve any style you want. Plus, LVT is relatively easy to install, so you can incorporate it into your own DIY project.

But tile doesn’t just work on the tread of the stairway. Use tile on the risers! Artists can create beautiful tiled murals on their risers, but that’s not all. For a Mediterranean or Spanish style home, use dramatic and intricately patterned tiles. Or, make your guests feel like they’re in Santorini with white and blue tile. When it comes to LVT the possibilities are truly endless, and we can’t wait to see what you come up with.

The Next Step Toward the Home of Your Dreams

If you’re ready to transform your stairway into something that makes your guests do a double take, start at America’s Floor Source. Whether you’re looking for an elegant and minimal look with carpeted stairs or a loud and unique look with tiled risers, our flooring and design experts are here for you to bounce ideas off of and offer guidance.

The stairway is one of the most high-traffic areas of your home, and we can help you find the high-quality materials your project needs while achieving the look you want. Come in to one of our three Columbus locations and get started on your next project today.

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