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The Most Important Features of Any Exercise Room, Big or Small

The Most Important Features of Any Exercise Room, Big or Small

With lives continually growing busier, obligations more demanding, and time at a premium, it’s becoming more and more difficult to find that extra hour to make it to the gym. No surprise, at-home exercise routines are on the rise, and rightly so. They provide access to a much-needed dose of exercise-induced endorphins (the happy chemicals) while allowing you to stay within the comfort and accessibility of your own home. Looking to renovate for your new home gym? Consider the following 5 features that help make for a great place to workout.

1. Color Scheme

One often overlooked feature of any room, especially in regards to one designed for exercise, is the color on the walls. Certain colors have proven psychological effects that influence our mood. If you want to feel awake and energized to give your workout your all, consider painting the walls a vibrant orange or serene green. These colors will help you win the fight against exercise’s oldest enemy: lack of motivation.

2. Room Layout

It may seem natural to try to outfit your new exercise room with every imaginable piece of equipment, but try to resist. Instead, focus on one or two main goals for your routine. Looking to increase cardio and shed pounds? Invest in a treadmill or elliptical. Want to add some muscle tone? Purchase a set of free weights and a padded bench. Unless you live in a palace, your room will probably be low on space. Make sure you leave enough open area to be able to operate your equipment safely as well as room to properly stretch before every workout.

3. Flooring

Flooring in a home gym needs to be sturdy, provide effective cushioning and traction, and be easily cleanable. For these reasons, hardwood floors are generally the way to go. Consider installing bamboo or corkwood, as these durable materials are great for those high-traffic areas susceptible to moisture and mess.

4. Airflow

Proper air flow not only provides the necessary level of comfort to complete your workout effectively, but also ensures that you stay safe. Overheating can lead to quicker dehydration which, especially if at home alone, can be incredibly dangerous. Don’t be afraid to install an overhead ceiling fan. Also, make sure the room you’ve chosen has adequate access to your home air conditioning system.

5. Accessories

While it’s usually best to avoid placing extra clutter around the room in which you exercise, some choice items can go a long way towards increasing productivity and comfort. A mini-fridge keeps cold water close at hand. Wall mirrors breathe a little more space into the room while also allow for the maintaining of proper exercise form. Finally, a towel rack keeps you and your equipment dry and slip-free.

Identifying and understanding your needs and goals will have you breezing through the above considerations on your way to building your perfect personal exercise room. When you are ready to build your exercise room, contact us to talk flooring!


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