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How to Maintain Your Vinyl Floors

How to Maintain Your Vinyl Floors

With style, versatility, and performance to spare, it’s no surprise that luxury vinyl flooring is a go-to flooring choice for homeowners and builders alike. Thanks to valuable benefits such as water resistance, scratch resistance, high durability, and ease of installation, vinyl flooring is a great fit for any floorplans and households with active families. Many vinyl flooring options are also water-resistant or waterproof which means you can even have the wood or stone visual you crave in rooms like mudrooms, laundry rooms, bathrooms, and basements! No matter where you install your favorite style, here’s a quick guide for how to maintain your attractive vinyl floors:

Remove Loose Dirt

A great start to your vinyl flooring care routine is to remove loose dirt from the surface to prevent abrasion over time. No matter what level of scratch resistance your vinyl provides, particles can still dull the vibrant appearance of your floor and create tiny marks. Sweep your vinyl floors with a broom or dry mop several times a week. You can vacuum your floor if the beater bar is turned off. If your home has kids and pets, you may need to perform these steps more often as needed.

Remove Stains

Although spilled food and drink, pet accidents, or a mark from footwear will occur at some point, there’s no need to stress. Simply wipe up spills as soon as they occur with warm water and a damp sponge.

Mop When Needed

Many homeowners choose waterproof vinyl flooring options because they allow damp-mopping or a PH neutral cleaner if needed for an efficient deep clean! Just be sure to use a microfiber mop and always rinse the approved gentle cleaning solution off the flooring before it dries.

Avoid Damaging Practices

In addition to avoiding any vinyl flooring cleaning practices that are not listed within the manufacturer’s guidelines, it’s best to avoid the following practices that can potentially damage your eye-catching surface:  

  • Avoid using abrasive cleaners that contain ammonia, bleach, oil, acid, or dyes.
  • Avoid using any rough scrubbers, stiff bristle brushes, or steel wool to clean.
  • Avoid using excessive amounts of water when cleaning.
  • Avoid steam cleaning your floors.

Take Preventative Steps

The steps you take now to protect your vinyl flooring will make a tremendous impact in preserving the illustrious appearance long term. Consider these steps for extra protection:

  • Use area rugs to remove particles from footwear and protect high-traffic areas from dirt and spills.
  • Have residents and guests remove footwear by entranceways.
  • Use furniture pads under all furniture legs.
  • Always lift heavy furniture rather than pulling or sliding these pieces across the floor.

If you have any vinyl flooring care questions, please reach out to our America’s Floor Source experts for cleaning recommendations and additional best practices. Let’s make sure your vinyl flooring investment looks fabulous for years to come!  


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