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How to keep your floors “merry & bright” for the holidays

How to keep your floors “merry & bright” for the holidays

The holiday season is upon us and the stores are stocked with every home decoration you can imagine. Aisles and aisles of sparkle, shine and twinkling lights await eager shoppers in search of the perfect ornaments, lights, wreaths, and more!

If you’re entertaining at your house this year chances are you’ll encounter a few rambunctious guests, especially if you spike the punch bowl! Even if your gathering is a bit tamer, inviting people over also invites the opportunity for spills and increases foot traffic in your home.

America’s Floor Source wants your holiday parties to be a blast without having to worry about what could happen. Here are some easy tips on how to protect your floors and still be festive.


Protect your floors from extra foot traffic

Whether you’re hosting a big holiday bash or an intimate dinner with a few close friends, the extra foot traffic can wreak havoc on your floors. When people are dressed up, it’s awkward to ask them to remove their shoes just because you’re worried about your floors. An easy solution is to arrange area rugs in the heavy traffic areas of your home to help protect your floors from unwanted gouges and scratches caused by your guests’ footwear.

What type of area rugs are best for hardwood floors?

Synthetic area rugs are the most effective in protecting hardwoods because of their breathable material. Add a rug pad to keep the rug flat and stationary so you don’t have to worry about guests tripping or falling. Pads can also protect your beautiful floor from being scratched by rough rug backings.

Where should I place area rugs in my home to protect my floors?

Strategically placing area rugs inside of doorways helps to protect your hardwood floor from moisture and dirt tracked in from outside. If you purchase an expensive area rug, or one made from natural fibers, make sure to put it in a room where spills are not likely to occur.

How can rugs add to my home’s décor?

Not only can area rugs protect your floors from potential scratches and spills, that can also add to your overall holiday décor. Create a focal point with a large Holiday themed rug or add splashes of red, green, gold or silver with runners and smaller mats spread throughout the rooms of your home.


Protect your floors from Christmas trees

Make sure you protect your floors when bringing your tree into the house, while it’s up, and when removing the tree. Whether carpet, hardwood, vinyl or another flooring material, without proper protection your Christmas tree could seriously damage your floor.

Here are ways your tree can leave permanent damage behind after the holidays are over

  • The trunk and branches can scrape or gouge your floor.
  • Water spills can leave permanent water spots behind.
  • Sap drips can be a sticky mess and can also stain your floor.
  • Dried out pine needles that have fallen on your floor can cause scratches if stepped on or cleaned up improperly. (Hint: Never use a broom to sweep up pine needles from a hardwood floor as it could increase the chance of scratches.)

Ways to protect your floor from your Christmas tree include using a high-quality, sturdy tree stand and putting down protective padding, floor mats or plastic trays.

Invest in a high-quality Christmas tree stand

Investing in a high-quality tree stand not only makes the process easier, but it can help keep your floor safe from water damage. Some of the better tree stands on the market offer a strong and stable base with an easy to use foot pedal mechanism to secure the trunk in place. A water level indicator ensures you don’t overfill the stand, causing spills.

Place padding, floor mats or plastic trays under your tree stand

If your tree is heavy, padding or floor mats will help protect your floor from scratches and gouges. A plastic floor protection tray will collect any excess water from over filling or spills and provide an extra level of protection. Note: Some are made specifically for Christmas trees; however, a plastic rectangular tray used under a washing machine will also work.

We wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and sturdy floors!

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