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How to Buy the Best Laminate Flooring for Your Home

How to Buy the Best Laminate Flooring for Your Home

Want to buy laminate flooring for your home but don’t know which type to choose? America’s Floor Source has been helping homeowners across the Midwest make their floors more beautiful for years. Here’s our tips on how to buy laminate flooring that’s just right for you.


Why do people love laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring has grown in popularity over the years due to its affordable price, durability and great look. Made from melamine and fiberboard layers, laminates are topped with a printed design that is protected by a clear top layer.

What is the benefit of laminate?

If you like the look of a hardwood floor, but the room you want to install it in has high foot traffic or the tendency to get wet on a regular basis, then laminate is for you. Why? The super hard clear topcoat provides superior durability and moisture resistance.


How thick should a laminate floor be?

The thickness of laminate floor does not necessarily equate to its durability or quality. Thicker laminate provides more impact resistance against dropped objects and sound insulation from noisy kids and pets. It’s also more forgiving when installed over minor subfloor deviations. Laminate floor thickness generally ranges from 8mm to 14mm.

What type of laminate floor is most like real hardwood?

If you’re trying to emulate the look and feel of a hardwood floor, choose a thick laminate. Why? When you walk on it, it will feel more dense and solid feel underfoot than a thinner option. Also, consider a textured laminate with an embossed in registration that follow the lines of the grain, or a hand scraped pattern with ridges to give it a naturally distressed look and feel.


What makes a laminate floor durable?

A high-quality top wear layer is a measure of durability in laminate flooring. The wear layer is what protects the floor from foot and paw traffic, drops and spills, scrapes and scratches, and whatever other craziness goes on in your home.

What is high density fiberboard?

High density fiberboard (HDF) is a product used in laminate flooring. Made from wood fiber, HDF is much harder than particle board, making it a strong, stable material for flooring products. It’s also moisture resistant.

What is an AC rating for laminate floors?

If durability is key in your decision-making process, use the Abrasion Class or AC rating of the laminate floor to guide you. The number that follows the “AC” identifies the floor’s durability, with a 1 being only moderately durable and a 5 suited for heavy commercial use. If you have an active household, choosing an AC3-rated flooring product will provide heavy residential durability for high-traffic rooms.

What difference does the quality of the floor’s locking system make?

A high-quality locking system ensures the laminate floorboards fit together easier and stay together longer because they are more tightly gripped.

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Should I install my own laminate floor or hire a professional?

Choosing whether to tackle a DIY laminate floor installation yourself vs. hiring professional installers might be an easier decision than you think. After all, how much spare time do you really have? Professional floor installers do the same type of work every day, so they have the right tools, experience and troubleshooting techniques to get the job done right, and efficiently.

With so many choices, how do I pick the right laminate floor for me?

Working with a professional flooring consultant will not only save you time, you’ll also be more confident in your ultimate decision. After helping thousands of customers over the years, we not only know all about the products, we can also match the right floor to the home, and the homeowner.

Laminate flooring can add style and durability to any room in your home. For more information on laminate flooring, call America’s Floor Source in Columbus, Ohio, Indianapolis, Indiana, or Louisville, Kentucky. To see samples in person, come in to one of our local showrooms or schedule a home visit from our Mobile Floor Source.

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