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Today's Hottest Flooring Trends that'll Look Great for Years to Come

Today's Hottest Flooring Trends that'll Look Great for Years to Come

By definition, a “trend” is a current style or preference, also the general direction or movement of style. “Trend” can also mean to generate a lot of interest or attention, with some trends flaming out as quickly as they arrive.  All trends are not created equal and when it comes to home investments, it’s always wise to follow trends that will age well over time. Since that’s the case, we recommend choosing flooring trends carefully– whether the material, color, texture, or overall style- that you will love for years and will help resale ability if you list your home in the future. Here are five trending flooring options that will also stand the test of time:

  • Patterned Wood Flooring – Hardwood is a naturally gorgeous flooring material when laid out in the traditional format, but when installed in decorative patterns, hardwood flooring becomes a striking, engaging work of art. Explore chevron and herringbone patterns or even the beautiful art of parquetry.

chevron hardwood flooring

  • Waterproof Wood Flooring – In decades past, the idea of having wood floors in areas of the home that experience moisture would be unheard of. However, many of today’s engineered hardwood options allow you to have the rustic beauty and distinct natural character you love in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and mudrooms. You don’t have to sacrifice style for performance!
  • Distressed Wood Luxury Vinyl Tiles and Planks – This versatile flooring option is for homeowners who love the look of reclaimed or distressed hardwood but prefer easier maintenance and lower cost. Attractive Luxury Vinyl Tile and Plank options are manufactured in a vast range of styles, distressed textures, and colors, provide tremendous performance and offer quicker, easier installation.
  • Large Format Porcelain Tiles – Prepare to make a statement with these dramatic tiles – some up to 63” by 126” – that often come in bold designs! Choose the right material for your household and you’ve got a luxurious look that will never go out of style. Large-format tiles work exceptionally well in bathrooms, showers, walls, and even fireplaces.
  • Natural Neutrals – No matter what your favorite flooring material is, a warm or cool neutral palette is equally soothing and will work well everywhere from the bedroom to the kitchen to the living room. Look for hardwoods, LVP/LVT, or tiles in relaxing tones including cool grays or slates, warm tans, and browns. It’s a look for your home that’s hip yet timeless, uncomplicated, and always received well.

Trends can come and go, but superior style lasts forever. If you need some assistance deciding which direction you want your flooring to take, get in touch with our America’s Floor Source experts! We have the experience to help you create the perfect living space for your family.


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