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How to pick the perfect flooring option for your rec room

How to pick the perfect flooring option for your rec room

The rec room is often the most fun room in your home. Whether you will be using your room for billiards, a home movie theatre, or a play area for your kids the flooring you choose for the room is an important aspect of the overall design and aesthetic.

Hardwood Flooring

Wood flooring is a great option for a rec room because it is versatile, easy to clean, and can stand up to a lot of wear and tear. Whether you want a dark wood for a sophisticated look or a lighter more modern wood, it is customizable to your own style. Wood flooring makes a great option for a rec room because:

  • Modern laminates are affordable, easy to install and available at almost every flooring retailer.
  • Wood flooring provides a durable foundation for your entertainment needs – able to withstand scuff marks and water spotting damage.
  • Hardwood floors are easy to clean and maintain. No more vacuuming for hours after guests leave, or worrying about guests spilling drinks on the carpet!

If you are considering laying hardwood floors in your rec room, we recommend Cedar and Bamboo options. Both provide a contemporary look and feel and will make your rec room the talk of the neighborhood!


Carpeting can make a great flooring option for your rec room, especially if you plan to create a space for your children to play in or want to condense the sound for your movie watching pleasure. If you’re thinking of choosing carpet for your rec room flooring, consider the following:

  • Carpeting creates a warm, intimate environment. For a movie room, we recommend matching a neutral gray carpet with soft-hued paint on the walls. Matched with dim lighting, the space will subtly relax your guests as you pop in that blockbuster.
  • Soft and padded, carpet floors create a great foundation for a child’s playroom. Here, we recommend parents to have some fun; choose a fun pattern to create a fun, adventurous space for your child and their friends.
  • If you are worried about staining, carpeting options can be selected in tiled sections – making replacement of stained carpet a breeze!

Carpet tends to be the most popular choice of flooring for a rec room. We recommend choosing carpet if you’re rec room will be a destination to catch the game, or watch a great movie with some friends.

Have fun with the process

Adding a rec room to your home should be a fun, creative process. This space will be the home to many memories with friends gathered and laughter shared, and choosing the right flooring will go a long way in making this room the destination spot in your home. If you have any questions about which flooring option will be best for your particular room, please contact us today!


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