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Five Questions that Make Selecting the Correct Floors Ten Times Easier

Five Questions that Make Selecting the Correct Floors Ten Times Easier

Everybody loves to shop, but even the savviest of shoppers can feel slightly overwhelmed when it comes to picking out new flooring. With so many attractive styles, materials, and manufacturers to choose from, it can be a struggle to narrow down what’s right for your home. Even though your floors are an investment, this process doesn’t have to be stressful. We suggest answering these five questions that make selecting the correct floors ten times easier:


  • What is my flooring budget? – First things first, determine your flooring budget. If you have an active family and foresee replacing the flooring down the line, a value surface might be a wise choice. If you are looking to improve the value of your home, a more expensive flooring option will come with advanced technology and warranties that will make for greater investment. In addition to our Credit & Finance options such as 6- and 12-month deferred interest payment, our Fair Price Promise makes sure you get the perfect floor for your home and your budget. Remember, spending money on high-quality surfaces will serve your home and family for years. No matter what your design budget, our Personal Flooring Advisors will help you bring home the look you love!


  • Where are my new floors bring installed? – Each room in the home has the potential for experiencing different circumstances. Your office and bedrooms will experience minimal foot traffic and activity compared to your family room, kitchen, and rooms where you tend to gather or host guests. Is your dining room reserved for more formal occasions or does everybody congregate around the table around the clock? For areas where pets, kids, and activities take place, scratch resistance and stain resistance are key. High traffic areas require durability and high moisture areas will need water-resistant or waterproof options. If you have an open floorplan, consider flooring choices that will allow you to craft a ‘flow’ for the home. The general activity level in a room will certainly determine the type of carpet pile that you should purchase. Always consider the specific room or rooms when shopping for new flooring- Always.


  • What condition is my subfloor in? – Before you can truly make a flooring purchase decision, you need to be sure that your subfloor is properly-suited to support your choice. Some flooring options such as LVT can solve irregularities, imperfections, or sloping in your subfloor. If your flooring choices require a perfectly level subfloor, you will need to have the problematic areas repaired beforehand, which can then possibly affect your budget. Special underlayment may also be required, so clear up any subfloor issues at the very start!


  • Does my flooring choice match the style of my home? – When it comes to matching your flooring choices with a décor style, it’s always wise to keep a long-term design style in mind. Trends will come and go, and even your traditional, transitional, contemporary, rustic, or modern preferences can evolve. A neutral-color floor will remain easy to design against across decades and a more muted, matte, or classic finish will blend into different decorating styles more seamlessly. When it comes to patterns, classics are safer choices and think about savvy flooring layouts such as herringbone, chevron, squares, and borders to create patterned visual interest instead. It’s also wise to consider other homes within the area in case you envision listing your property in the future, thus ensuring your choices aren’t too bold for the demographic.


  • How much cleaning & maintenance am I willing to take on? – This is a great question to ask to realistically gauge your expectations with your new floors! If you have a constantly busy schedule and active home life, LVT or laminate flooring will be your easiest surfaces to care for. Simply sweep, dust-mop, and spot-clean with an appropriate cleaner to keep your floors sparkling. Natural stone and genuine hardwood will require resealing and refinishing over time, along with a more specific maintenance routine. Your plush, soft carpet will require periodic professional cleaning, regular weekly vacuuming to remove allergens, and immediate spot treatment.

When in doubt, never hesitate to ask an expert at America’s Floor Source! From flooring facts to installation prep, we are ready to assist your flooring selections and help a potentially overwhelming process feel easier and smoother.


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