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Fall Flooring Trends for 2020

Fall Flooring Trends for 2020

This year has been unconventional at best. However, for many homeowners, this means finding new ways to maximize the spaces within their homes and scheduling a timely remodel to elevate the overall interior!

Now may be the perfect time to put your new ideas into motion. To highlight well-known favorites and create visual interest, here are some 2020 fall flooring trends worth considering for your next project.

Wood & Wood-Look Appeal

Whether it’s to capture the trendy farmhouse chic style or to improve resale value, attractive hardwood flooring and the stunning wood-look tile, vinyl, and laminate counterparts are still thriving. Airy, brushed species are perfect for coastal décor, and the warm shades with subtle grain fit perfectly with the mid-century modern craze. Genuine wood will help retain and improve home resale value. The stylish wood-look options will go down quick and for less money in a time crunch. The classic natural beauty of wood is a trend that we don’t see slowing down anytime soon!

Patterned Layouts

patterned solid hardwood

chevron tile in bathroom

No matter what type of hard surface planks or tiles you have chosen to remodel with, the traditional side-by-side installation is hardly your only layout option. Patterned layouts such as herringbone or chevron designs are growing in popularity and add tremendous visual interest to your bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas in the home that present more creative spaces. Who says your practical, functional floor can’t pop with style? Showcase your personal flair with classic motifs and modern visuals.

 Varied Tile Shapes

large tile in living room

hexagon tile in bathroom

The popularity of using large tile formats, mixed tile layouts, and mosaics to create unforgettable, durable floors is widely known. Well, tile trends continue to expand and interesting geometric shapes are at the forefront! Hexagon-shaped tiles are thriving and are often used in bathroom remodels. Graphic tiles that create large geometric patterns are also trending for an easy way to create eye-catching rooms. 

 If you’re ready to tackle a flooring refresh this fall, make sure to schedule an appointment with our Mobile Floor Source so that a Personal Flooring Advisor can assist you in finding the perfect fits with your inspired spaces. 

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