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Designer Choices for Kitchen Remodels

Designer Choices for Kitchen Remodels

A dazzling kitchen remodel can transform an ordinary space into an eye-catching, stylish setting perfect for creating culinary masterpieces. Just like our favorite dishes combine spices and flavors to perfection, the right blend of details, materials, tones, and personal preferences can produce amazing remodel results. As you begin making selections to redesign your kitchen, it’s wise to take thoughtful steps similar to that which expert designers follow during home projects. If you are looking for a little helpful direction to get started, here are our top designer choices for kitchen remodels:  


List Your “Must Haves”

Before making any material purchase decisions, determine the design style you love and list out any of your must-have elements. Have you always dreamed of large format stone or a mixed-size tile floor? Is there a specific style of backsplash that you’ve always had your eye on? Whether you love a modern design or a rustic farmhouse look, this step will help you capture your ultimate design vision.

kitchen design 
kitchen design

Key Considerations

Now its time to take inventory of your current kitchen and the way it functions. Does your kitchen receive ample natural light? You may decide to select tile that can play off the light for a dazzling effect and make more informed color choices based on how well lit the space is. Is your kitchen part of an open floorplan that seamlessly flows into other rooms? If you need your kitchen flooring to match the flooring in other connected rooms, that will certainly narrow the options you select from. Based on your household activity level, you may need to invest in materials with extreme durability and waterproof qualities.

Design Focal Point

For a perfectly-balanced, chic makeover, it’s wise to select a bold design focal point or statement element that you can design the kitchen around.  Perhaps this standout feature is a striking countertop, a sparkling glass tile backsplash, detailed cabinetry, or a fashion-forward, mixed-shade floor. Choosing one design focal point will create visual interest and prevent the finished project from looking busy or unbalanced.

Complementary Elements

Whether you love quartz, granite or marble, or a wood, tile, or solid surface countertop, make sure that your future backsplash complements your countertop choice. If these two surfaces do not balance or blend appropriately, the conflicting design will overwhelm the kitchen remodel. Avoid this problem by making sure these elements are complementary!

design focal point with hardwood

Backsplash Personality

For many homeowners, kitchen backsplashes are often a great way to inject a touch of personality into a finished design. Tile offers a tremendous array of shapes, sizes, materials, and colors that make it an overwhelmingly popular choice for backsplashes. Tile can help you give your kitchen a personal touch.

Artistic Accents

Once you have your backsplash material selected, you can create unique layouts, borders, and color combinations that give your kitchen an added artistic quality. We love the idea of creating an accent pattern at the range hood or an artistic mosaic design within that space. These types of accents can elevate your kitchen to having a hip café feel that everyone enjoys spending time in.  

 kitchen design

Flooring & Cabinets

As two of the most prominent elements in a kitchen, it’s important to take your cabinet color, material, and profile into consideration with your kitchen flooring. Instead of trying to match your flooring and cabinets exactly, mix complementary materials for a balanced design. Dark and light wood and wood-looks will pair well together. If your cabinets are painted, a natural stone or natural stone-look floor will also work well. You can even color coordinate your cabinets and flooring color but use different materials to provide textural contrast.

We are ready to help you achieve your kitchen remodel vision and help you explore all the combinations that will bring it to lifeGet in touch with our America’s Floor Source experts and we will set up a meeting to review all your favorite materials and samples! 

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