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Design a Stylish Fireplace

Design a Stylish Fireplace

In an inviting living room or family room, there’s nothing like a gorgeous fireplace to provide warmth, enhance intimacy, and serve as a standout design element. You can enrich your current fireplace with easy-to-install wall coverings that will help transform the space in less time than you think! To enhance the upscale appeal of your home, design a stylish fireplace with one of these eye-catching materials:

  1. Stone Wall Coverings

    Although stone wall coverings offer the classic appearance of an old-world artisan feel, these modern products are superiorly engineered for quick installation with flawless results- enabling you to create a breathtaking fireplace! Whether you prefer an elegant “stacked” look such as Silver Travertine Rockmount Stacked Stone (below) or random stone shapes, stone provides inherent natural beauty and luxury. Stone wall coverings are available in a wide range of colors and materials (including slate, marble, quartz, and more) to add organic tones and character to your home.
  1. Thin Brick

    When it comes to crafting traditional sophistication, thin brick provides the time-honored look of handcrafted brick at a fraction of the installation time. From traditional reds to earthy browns, whitewashed brick to pastels, brick adds dimension and familiar texture that can stand out without overwhelming the room. Combined with other natural materials like exposed beams and wood-look floors, a thin brick fireplace can anchor a relaxing scene with timeless craftsmanship.
  1. Tile

    Tile is a classic material that shouldn’t be confined to your kitchen backsplash or bathroom walls: You can efficiently create an upscale fireplace with tile or mosaics that adds engaging color and detail. With a wide range of patterns, shapes, and colors to select from, tile and mosaics provide a savvy opportunity to take the chic factor up a few notches. With incredible veining and streaking within each piece, a stunning fireplace created with Alfalux Ceramiche Hills wall tile in color Cerreto (below) can whisk you away to the Apennine mountains in Italy after a long day!

If you need expert advice to decide which stylish fireplace treatment will serve your home best, be sure to set up a Virtual Design Appointment with our America’s Floor Source design team! We will set up an online appointment to review eye-catching options that will complete your design vision to perfection.

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