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Decorative & Polished Concrete for Your Garage or Home

Decorative & Polished Concrete for Your Garage or Home
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As homeowners look for distinctive flooring solutions to create one-of-a-kind interiors, the wide array of colors, textures, styles, and designs presented by decorative concrete floors are increasingly garnering more attention.

These long-lasting flooring solutions are far more than the standard grey slabs: Concrete coatings can turn the surfaces in your home into livable works of art!

In addition to reducing allergens in the home, concrete coatings eliminate the cost of replacement flooring, as well as lessen maintenance and repair costs. Have you ever considered this exciting option as a floor covering in your home?

Here’s a quick description of eye-catching decorative and polished concrete for your garage or home:

Flake Finish

For exceptional color, texture, interest, and visual consistency, a polyaspartic flake finish instantly upgrades any concrete floor and is ideal for converting your garage – or any room – into additional living and entertaining space.

Not only does a flake finish create a durable, showroom-like surface with a stain, scratch, and impact-resistant finish, it features a high heat tolerance that eliminates hot-tire pickup!

Available in a nearly infinite combination of colors for a truly personalized look, your colorfast fully UV-stable concrete floor won’t fade or discolor over time.

Cleaning your extended living space is a breeze as well: simply maintain your flake finish concrete floor with a dry or wet mop such as Swiffer, and use a hose and squeegee as needed for deep cleaning or spot treatment.

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Metallic Finish

To create an exclusive artistic statement in your home, a concrete floor with a metallic epoxy (right) can turn any room into an unforgettable space.

A perfect conversation starter for entertaining, you can convert any concrete or wood subfloor into a distinctive, functional masterpiece by adding a unique metallic epoxy.

In addition to providing an extremely durable surface with a stain, scratch, and impact-resistant finish, you can breathe easy with high solids content, no VOCs, and no odor from off-gassing during installation.

Caring for your gorgeous, one-of-a-kind floor is as simple as cleaning with a dry or wet mop. This low-maintenance visual even makes a great fit for pets and active little ones with the strength to withstand claws and dropped items.


Perfect for lending an industrial yet refined feel to your interior, a polished concrete floor is as durable and easy to maintain as it is attractive!

From a modern great room to an entrepreneur’s office, polished concrete offers a variety of dazzling looks – from satin to nearly mirror-like – based on your preferred polishing finish, aggregate exposed, and chosen finish. You can even customize your polished concrete floor with a logo, monogram, or other design element for a distinctive, individual touch!

Polished concrete floors also represent long-term value for your home as a surface investment that requires very little maintenance and never needs to be replaced.

You can determine the level of supreme durability for your concrete floor by choosing a stain, scratch, and impact-resistant finish that’s also far more impervious to damage than raw concrete. Plus, regular sweeping and spot mopping is all it takes to keep this easy-to-maintain floor shining!

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When you’re ready to explore the vast design potential of decorative and polished concrete for your garage or home, schedule an appointment with our Mobile Floor Source today! A Personal Flooring Advisor can help you transform or extend your living space with a fabulous concrete look that’s all your own.

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