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Creating Tile Patterns

Creating Tile Patterns

With both a thriving housing market and more homeowners seeking a design refresh for their familiar interiors, kitchen and bathroom remodels are at an all-time high. Whether you want to elevate your flooring, walls, backsplash, countertops, or showers, tile is the perfect material to express your personality with texture, color, and pattern! Transform your bare surfaces and walls by creating tile patterns for appropriate contrast and standout focal design elements:

Offset Tile

For this classic tile pattern, you can use your favorite square or rectangle tile of any size. Simply lay the tile in rows and shift each row subtly to the left or right to create an offset pattern. The most common brick or running pattern is a traditional 50/50 offset, but a varied offset of 40/60 or 30/70 can create a softer effect. Popular subway tile is perfect for creating this familiar look!

tile on bathroom wall
large format tile floors

Herringbone Tile

Although a herringbone tile pattern offers a certain visual complexity, this layout is actually not difficult to achieve at all. Common rectangular sizes of your favorite tile variety are perfect for producing this chic geometric pattern and offer a savvy way to ramp up the luxurious appearance of any space. A match made in heaven for modern décor, herringbone tile adds a pop to monochromatic color schemes and is ideal for enhancing the perspective of a smaller room to feel larger.

herringbone tile wall
herringbone tile wall

Chevron Tile

Showcasing an eye-catching, inverted V-shape, chevron tile patterns have been used for centuries to lend sophisticated detail and enhanced engagement to household surfaces. The trademark seamless zig zag adds precision and craftsmanship to any room, instantly giving an ordinary surface plenty of upscale appeal. Chevron patterns offer a sleeker design that draws attention and elevates a space without being overly busy.

chevron tile backsplash
chevron tile wall

Penny Tile

As the name suggests, penny tiles are small round pieces that are currently thriving in contemporary tile design. From foyers and fireplace surrounds to showers and backsplashes, penny tile allows homeowners and designers to truly create custom color combinations and one-of-a-kind patterns. A penny tile surface can be as bold or muted as you prefer, with the intricacy and the sheer number of tiles alone creating a fascinating visual worth a closer look. Explore shimmery finishes and contrasting grout colors to craft a finished room that uses natural light to enhance the penny tile design!

penny tile wall
penny tile wall

With durable performance and customizable beauty that’s easy to maintain, it’s no surprise that creative tile patterns are bring used to update favorite rooms with a personalized touch. When you’re ready to investigate which tile patterns will rejuvenate your home design, bring your inspiration photos to one of our five tile showrooms and contact us today to get started!

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