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Create a Cozy Outdoor Living Space with Area Rugs

Create a Cozy Outdoor Living Space with Area Rugs

It’s easily one of the hottest and most valuable design trends right now: creating real living space from underused outdoor areas around your home or apartment! Gone are the days when patios, porches, and decks were relegated to simple staging areas for barbecues or places to sit in the rocking chair and wave to neighbors. The idea is to take the space you have—whether a designer deck, a suburban screened-in porch or tiny terrace in the heart of the city—and with a little creativity, complete a stylish living area to maximize your property.

Materials Matter

Area rugs add fashion and flair, and they’re a great way to pull your overall design together. They come in tons of attractive styles from textured sisal rugs to brightly colored area rugs made of synthetic materials. Choosing the right material is essential when selecting an area rug for your outdoor living space. Since it will be exposed to the elements, particularly rain and moisture, make sure to choose a rug that’s as durable as it is chic! Synthetic fibers like nylon, polyester, and polypropylene are a great choice. They look like authentic wool rugs and come in an astonishingly wide array of sizes and visuals. With proper care, they shouldn’t mildew (always read and follow the manufacturer’s label) and offer budget-friendly price points that make purchasing even easier.

Size Wise

If you’re working with a small patio—say a bistro set, table with two chairs and a few plants—a simple 3 x 5 area rug will probably do the trick. If you’re creating a complete outdoor living area as an extension of the interior space complete with a mounted HD television, all-weather furnishings, and a fire pit, look for a larger 5 x 8 rug that anchors your furniture and gives your living area that cozy feel. Outdoor area rugs come in all sizes so you will certainly find the perfect fit! You can also consider different shapes such as circular, oval, square, or rectangle to craft your inspired space.

Style Guide

Now that you know what materials to choose and size to select, it’s to time to focus on color and pattern. No matter what your favorite rug looks like, here are a few things to consider when making your choice:

  • Any fabric left in the sun will eventually fade over time so make sure your rug is treated to resist UV rays.
  • Would a solid color work better than a pattern? Even outdoors, it’s easier (and cheaper) to change out pillows and throws than rugs.
  • Is the rug stain-resistant? If not, see if you can add a stain treatment to it in advance of cookouts and parties.

For more ideas on finding area rugs or for help getting started on making the most of your outdoor living space, contact the friendly professionals at America’s Floor Source!

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