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Color Variation in Flooring: Which Look is Best for Your Home?

Color Variation in Flooring: Which Look is Best for Your Home?

Whether you’re tackling an entire home renovation or a flooring upgrade for a single room, sometimes selecting the material and the color of your new surfaces can feel like an overwhelming task. From traditional hardwoods to innovative laminate and luxury vinyl planks, there are many gorgeous options to choose from and many color variations within each category.

Flooring products have variations in color ranging from low, medium or natural, to high variation. As the levels imply, the individual pieces can showcase minimal color variance to extreme differences between the planks or tiles. The variation between the levels is striking and there are important factors such as home design that may lead you to select one over another. For instance, if your home is contemporary or modern, a high color variation floor that helps establish a rustic aesthetic probably wouldn’t be the appropriate selection.

Your choice of color and variation is important for several reasons. Lighter colors will brighten rooms and give the illusion of spaciousness, while dark colors with more variance can hide stains and scratches better. Ultimately, your flooring color variation choice is also an important decision when setting the tone in your home. Let’s explore the differences in color variation in flooring and why you might choose each one:

Low Variation

Many homeowners choose the same flooring for the entire home as a simple yet elegant way to give the home a polished, harmonious feel and create a backdrop for the rest of the design elements. In this case, choosing neutral-toned flooring such as Timberhaus Signature Series II in Miramar Valley that showcases low color variation and little color difference between pieces is a great option. Perfect for making rooms look larger and more inviting, you can easily add an eye-catching area rug for a splash of color if needed.

Timberhaus Signature Series II, Miramar Valley Luxury Vinyl

Medium or Natural Variation

Everyone cherishes the striking graining and character of gorgeous hardwood species and the stunning veining and striations of natural stone. Whether you purchase the genuine material, or a high-end laminate or luxury vinyl product, medium/natural variation color flooring makes rooms feel relaxed, welcoming, and comfortable.  Incredible wood-look floors such as Mannington Restoration in Anthology Tannin and Next Floor ScratchMaster Everwood in Latte provide authentic beauty and undeniable warmth, while stone visuals including Mannington Realta in Patina Ash and TruCor Tile IGT in Pietra Gray are perfect for crafting organic luxury.

Manningtion Restoration in Anthology Tannin

High Variation

Showcasing engaging visual interest and multiple shades within a finished installation, high variation flooring features a degree of unpredictability and can range from extremely light to deep dark between pieces. High variation flooring such as FloorDreams Vario in Heritage Barnwood is an exceptional fit for a trending rustic farmhouse design scheme or creating a cabin feel. You can even use a wall covering such as Rockmount Stacked Stone in Coal Canyon to create a dramatic standout fireplace that will provide a pop of color when paired with a light-colored floor.

Rockmount Stacked Stone, Coal Canyon
  • When installing floors as a DIY project or with a general contractor, be sure to mix the boards from the boxes, as shades and/or colors will vary by pieces and by box. This will give you the best even and consistent look.

    If you need any help determining what level of flooring color variation will work best in your home, contact our helpful experts and begin preparing for your dream design refresh today!

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