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Choosing a "Look" for Your Home

Choosing a "Look" for Your Home

When it comes to determining your favorite home design style, the greatest joy is tailoring your stylish rooms to the personality of you and your family! As the foundation to every area in the home, your flooring choices will go a long way in anchoring your design scheme and completing your overall vision. How will you personalize your favorite rooms with your favorite shades, visuals, and textures? Here are some quick tips to help in choosing a ‘look’ for your home:


Rustic – If you’ve recently heard the terms ‘farmhouse chic’ or ‘country chic’ when it comes to design, then you’re already familiar with a rustic look for the home.  This popular design style emphasizes warmth and coziness with a strong connection to the great outdoors and natural materials. If you cherish timeless style and countryside backdrops, this thriving look may suit your home perfectly. Rich hardwood planks full of character such as Mohawk’s Weathered Vintage in Umber Oak (below left), as well as striking LVT and laminate wood looks like Mannington Restoration in Anthology Tannin (below right), will bring this look to life. Natural stone and realistic stone visuals will also greatly enhance this design scheme.


Mohawk’s Weathered Vintage in Umber OakMannington Restoration in Anthology Tannin      

Coastal – Perhaps you’re drawn to the soothing seaside vibes of a cool breeze and crashing waves against the sand. Coastal chic interiors are extremely popular and help us achieve tranquility in our homes for the ultimate way to unwind. Weathered airy wood visuals with subtle graining like SAR Floors Versailles vinyl flooring in Beach Wood (below) are perfect for achieving a laid-back vibe. A charming bathroom with shimmery glass tile will shine like sun rays on the water when natural light comes through. Blues, browns, tans, and even white-washed hues will all serve this look effortlessly.

 SAR Floors Versailles vinyl flooring in Beach Wood

Modern – For the functional home that serves as a place to work, play, and sleep, a modern look will bring purpose, precision, and proportion to the forefront. Think clean, sleek lines that add balance, neutrals like black, white, gray, and beige, as well as an overall minimalistic feel.

Wood looks will favor white, gray, and even black tones with muted finishes such as Somerset Boulevard in Manhattan (below left). Monochromatic stone and tile visuals like Dixie Home TruCor IGT in color Pietra Nero (below right) will also serve this focused design scheme suitably. For subtle softness and visual interest, try adding appropriate area rugs with geometric patterns, shapes, and linear elements throughout the home.

 Somerset Boulevard in ManhattanDixie Home TruCor IGT in color Pietra Nero 

Transitional – Here’s a look that will really allow you to reflect your personality and all of your favorite things! Transitional or eclectic room designs are all about mixing in your favorite layers and pieces with stand-out colors, patterns, and textures. Whether it’s bold area rugs with vibrant visuals and patterns or an eye-catching mixed-shade LVT floor such as Next Floor ScratchMaster Everwood in Weathered Oak (below), the transitional design represents a hip approach for an active home that’s full of fun adventures. 

 Next Floor ScratchMaster Everwood in Weathered Oak

Traditional – Highlighting elegance, quality, detail, and refined pieces, a traditional look showcases luxury, time-honored craftsmanship, and respect for all things classical. To capture this design scheme, think opulent! Large stone tiles such as Emser Duomo Tile in Bianchi (below left), plush carpeting like Shaw’s Peachtree II in Antique Silk (below right), regal wood planks, and beautiful woven wool rugs will all create the perfect traditional setting for your favorite antiques and furnishings.

Emser Duomo Tile in BianchiShaw’s Peachtree II in Antique Silk

The biggest keys to choosing a look for your home are staying true to yourself and picking flooring options that will aid your vision and serve your home’s specific activity level. Gather your favorite inspiration and then set up a Virtual Design Appointment with our America’s Floor Source design team. Let’s give your home the look you love!

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