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Carpet and Flooring Trends for 2018

Carpet and Flooring Trends for 2018

Flooring has evolved from a mere walking surface to a major design element, providing the underlying character of a room. Whether carpet, wood, vinyl, or laminate, advancements in technology, manufacturing, and design have transformed the floors of our homes into works of art under our feet. Here are some upcoming flooring trends to watch for in 2018.

Natural and Recycled Flooring Materials

Natural and recycled floors are made from renewable sources and recycled materials that otherwise might have been landfilled. There are various “green” flooring options like bamboo, cork, and natural-fiber carpets, and recycled flooring materials include reclaimed wood and recycled carpet, among others.

“Green” Flooring

Bamboo and cork are organic, environmentally sustainable flooring options made from natural materials. Cork is harvested from the bark of cork oak trees and bamboo is a highly-renewable type of grass that grows even faster than hardwoods.

Recycled Carpet

Recycled carpets can be made from recycled plastic water or soda bottles which are regenerated into a strong nylon fiber. The result is a durable, long-lasting carpet that contributes to a cleaner planet. The eco-friendly nylon is also stain-resistant and can be woven into a variety of pile designs.

Surface Printing Technology

Eco-friendly people love cork because it’s a completely natural product, and it’s also an ideal surface for digital printing processes. This means wood, stone or other patterns can be replicated onto a cork floor, making it a great way to use sustainable material and still get exactly the look you want. Sure, you can still buy a cork floor with the classic cork look, but surface printing technology makes it possible to also choose from authentic wood decors or even abstract patterns.

Trendy Carpet Designs

No longer a neutral background for room furnishings, carpet has become an integral part of the interior design. With so many contemporary and abstract creations that utilize textures, patterns, and vibrant colors, the carpet may even become a room’s focal point.

Color and Texture

Carpet manufacturers are getting bolder by experimenting with layered colors and textures in their designs. Not only does color and texture variation offer more distinctive styling and fashion appeal, but the intricate patterns can also hide dirt, reduce vacuum marks, increase the perception of quality and provide a beautiful contrast with furniture surfaces.

Organic Designs

Carpets featuring motifs and colors inspired by nature can make a strong and creative statement with their unique design, composition, and texture. As a plus, woven carpet patterns with organic shapes like leaves, trellises, or flowers, can coordinate easily with a wide variety of patterns in other furnishings.

Height and Sculpture

Two main styles of carpet yarn are cut pile (like traditional carpet) and loop pile (like Berber). Carpet designs using varied pile cuts and loop textures offer more visual interest. By combining cut and looped yarn, manufacturers can create patterns and sculptured effects that provide a much bolder look. These patterned carpet creations offer an exciting design detail to any room by adding character and complexity to the overall design.

Creative Hardwood Styles

Over the years, hardwood floor installations have become increasingly creative. Using diagonal lines, mixing different types of wood, varying plank widths, and creating unique patterns are only a few examples.

Parquet Hardwood

Totally hip in the 50s and 60s, parquet hardwood floors are making a comeback. Parquet floors use smaller, solid wood pieces to create cool geometric patterns that draw attention to the rich, natural wood. Many people prefer the herringbone pattern; however, each mosaic design can be unique to the room.

Varying Plank Widths

Trends have been pushing toward wider plank floors, but why not have it all by installing boards with varying widths? Perfect for someone who loves a one-of-a-kind look, varying width floors can look cool and ultra-modern, or historic. (Back in the day builders were thrifty and used every part of the tree, so plank widths inevitably varied.)

Distressed Wood Flooring

Thanks to Chip and Joanna from the popular television show Fixer Upper, shiplap is known around the HGTV community as the “go-to” product for many home remodels. Why do people love distressed wood planks so much? They're often eco-friendly, made from reclaimed wood materials, and the style complements both modern and farm-style houses.

As manufacturers discover new materials, technologies and processes used to make flooring products, more and more options become available. If you’re looking for the best flooring for your home, call America’s Floor Source in Columbus, Ohio, Indianapolis, Indiana, or Louisville, Kentucky. To see samples in person, come into one of our local showrooms, or schedule a home visit from our Mobile Floor Source.

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