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Bigger Tile for Your Home

Bigger Tile for Your Home

As you begin your shopping journey, you’ll notice that there are numerous sizes of tile to select from. This poses the question... Is there a distinct advantage in choosing larger-sized tiles over medium to small-sized tiles? Well, there certainly are a few pro’s when designing with a larger-tile format:

  • Tile already lends a luxurious feel to a room and large tiles inherently make rooms feel bigger.
  • With fewer overall grout lines, due to the larger surface area of the tiles, your floor will be easier to keep clean.
  • If your tiles are larger, there will be fewer to install! Quicker installation is always a plus.
  • Just like wider, longer wood planks have surged in popularity, larger tiles are the hot trend.
  • Larger tiles will keep their value better if you are looking to resell your home in the future.

To ensure that large floor tiles are properly supported, you should check to make sure there are no weak spots in the subfloor beforehand. You may want to consider installing a cement board to guarantee that the subfloor is perfectly flat before laying down a large tile floor.

Sometimes the room that you are designing will determine whether or not large tiles are a good fit. An open family room or large bathroom will look exceptional with large tiles; however, a smaller bathroom or laundry room may feel overcrowded with that same tile size. In the case of smaller rooms, it’s actually better to install tiles diagonally to create a more spacious feel. Many designers love using large tiles for wall installations, but it is important to note that a room will appear disproportionate if the wall tile is larger than the floor tile.

Whether you want a grand tile floor, a mixed-size tile floor with mosaics, or a smaller, unique-tile design, your home will reap the benefits of timeless beauty and durability in an easy-to-maintain floor. When you’re ready to follow your ultimate tile vision, visit one of America’s Floor Source’s locations and bring it to life!

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