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Best Flooring Options for a Busy Family

Best Flooring Options for a Busy Family

In today’s fast-paced world, the average active household can greatly benefit from durable, versatile flooring styles that are easy to maintain throughout the week. With families spending more time at home and all the family members doing more activities at home, flooring choices need to be able to handle active families. For all the stress that can come from a full work and social calendar, floors that help camouflage dirt between cleanings and are easy to clean up are nothing short of household lifesavers! Here are a few of the best flooring options for a busy family:

1. Carpet

When it comes to movie night, reading a book, or playing with toys, there’s nothing like soft wall-to-wall carpeting for the family to lay out on and spend quality time together. The best carpet for busy families will provide softness as well as valuable stain resistance and resiliency. A cut and loop carpet construction will provide texture (and possibly pattern!) that is less likely to be damaged than a loop pile, shag, or frieze, and will hide dirt and stains better between regular vacuuming. Explore nylon, polyester, Triexta, or olefin carpet fibers for the winning combination of stain resistance, durability, and softness.

2. Luxury Vinyl Tile & Plank

If you love the look of natural stone or genuine hardwood but don’t want to commit to the flooring investment until the kids are older or out of the house, luxury vinyl will allow you to capture your favorite variety or species at an affordable cost. This resilient, waterproof surface can handle spills, cleats, dropped bookbags, and sports equipment thanks to its natural ‘give’ and durable top layer that resists stains and scratches. These fashion-forward styles come in the hottest plank and tile sizes for realistic finished floors, as well as with attached underlayment for valuable sound insulation within a busy home. Also, luxury vinyl floors are so easy to clean with sweeping and simple spot treatment that this quick task can even become one of the children’s weekly chores to complete!

3. Laminate

If you are looking for enhanced durability to withstand an active home with a busy schedule, laminate flooring offers the hard surface look you love with the scratch protection of an aluminum oxide finish and durability from a layered construction. Laminate flooring will support the weight of office furniture and rolling chairs over mats just as easily as it will handle the high-traffic areas in the home. Although laminate will offer greater moisture resistance than actual wood, make sure that your specific product is verified for water resistance if you are looking to install in a kitchen, bathroom, mudroom, or basement. With tremendous ease of installation and repair if needed, laminate makes an efficient choice that won’t displace a busy household.

4. Rubber Tiles

If you need to create a kid’s play area or a home gym for karate practice, yoga, or other exercise, rubber tiles are perfect for designing a fitness area. These thick, interlocking pieces of rubber deliver durability, resiliency, shock absorption, sound insulation, and slip resistance. You can install these tiles in different sized layouts over existing flooring without any adhesive! If necessary, you can move the workout area at any point. This surface only requires regular dust mopping, sweeping, or vacuuming to maintain. It’s the perfect sports flooring to convert a flex space, mudroom, basement, or garage into a workout room!

Busy families need innovative flooring options that can contribute to an easy-to-maintain household that doesn’t slow down the productivity or fun! When you’re ready to investigate one of these stylish options, schedule an appointment today and a Personal Flooring Advisor will help you find the best solutions to fit the needs of your family.

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