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Add Interest to Any Room with Patterned Carpets

Add Interest to Any Room with Patterned Carpets

When it comes to choosing surfaces for the home that the whole family will enjoy, few options can get the approval of every family member like supremely soft carpeting! With rich color, comfort, durability, and improved stain resistance among today’s carpet choices, there’s a lot to love about stylish carpet. So how do discerning homeowners make timeless carpet flooring even more chic? Patterned carpets add an elevated, engaging touch that simply cannot be denied! 

Bob Webb patterned carpet

For designers and homeowners alike, patterns are a savvy way to create bold or subtle effects. Many of the most popular patterns in both fashion and home design draw inspiration from nature and naturally repeating occurrences in our everyday world. Just like colors will set a mood, patterns can add purpose, character, and set the tone for a room. Some of today’s most popular carpet patterns trends include:

  • Oversized geometric patterns are currently thriving within modern home design.
  • Bold carpet patterns with high contrast complement small spaces extremely well.
  • Subtle patterns that use light and dark yarns in the same color help create sophistication within larger rooms.
  • For active homes, carpet patterns achieved with loops do a better job at hiding footprints & marks from vacuuming.

carpeted stair runner

Here are a few thoughtful considerations when designing with patterned carpet:

  • Choose colors wisely: No matter what your favorite pattern is, make sure to stay within the same family of colors in your room including furniture color, drapes, and other textiles. Try choosing one unifying color among all elements to bring together the entire room.
  • Avoid creating visual chaos: If you select a bold patterned carpet, balance the room with plenty of solid and neutral colors. Patterned carpet with patterned furniture and drapes will almost assuredly create an overly busy appearance.
  • Patterns that inspire: If you are designing for an office, a geometric pattern can help inspire your intellectual side. A tranquil floral, leaf, or water-motif can add comfort to your family room or bedroom. A multi-colored pattern will help spark creativity inside your children’s playroom!
  • Custom patterned area rugs - If your home is completely outfitted with hard surface flooring, you can instantly add visual interest in the form of custom area rugs! In addition to soft comfort and visual texture, your patterned rug will help protect your floors from spills, scratches, and general wear. Once you pick out your favorite colors, pattern, and carpet fiber, you can select the borders that will match your room décor flawlessly and choose the perfect size to fit your room.

Our Personal Flooring Advisors will bring the Mobile Floor Source to your home to help you find your favorite patterned carpet or to begin creating your custom rug. Find your inspiration and let the creative energy from eye-catching patterns uplift your inspired home!

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