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6 Unique Tile Patterns for Your Home

6 Unique Tile Patterns for Your Home

Are you thinking about installing a new tile floor? If so, stop what you’re doing and check out these unique tile patterns! Straight tiles are safe and classy, but the patterns we’re about to show you are the way to go if you want your floors to stand out. Your guests’ faces will light up when they see these eye-catching tile patterns in your home. As you’ll see, many of these patterns work for hardwood floors too. Without further ado, here are our picks for the 6 most unique tile patterns you can install in your home this year:



Herringbone is a parquet flooring pattern named for its resemblance to the bones of a herring. There are many variations, but the simplest version of Herringbone is achieved by laying tiles in alternating 45-degree angles to form a staggered, V-shaped pattern. Herringbone gives a room the illusion of width and depth, so it’s a popular choice for smaller rooms. It’s also popular for hallways and outdoor paths since the zig zag pattern looks like arrows pointing you in the right direction. Herringbone tile patterns add a sophisticated visual texture to any room.



Similar to Herringbone, the Chevron pattern is achieved by laying rectangular tiles to form a zig zag pattern. Can you spot the difference between Herringbone and Chevron? Unlike Herringbone, the Chevron pattern uses tiles with angled ends to form perfect V shapes instead of a staggered design. Many homeowners choose to alternate the tile colors in a Chevron floor to help the pattern pop. Chevron gives the illusion of depth, so it’s popular for smaller rooms, kitchens, and hallways.



Basketweave is an attractive tile pattern achieved by pairing rectangular tiles to form squares. The squares are laid at alternating 90-degree angles to create the illusion of interwoven basket fibers. The Basketweave pattern is, in a way, just a slightly more sophisticated version of straight lay tile. It’s a good tile pattern to use if you want your flooring to be slightly more interesting than straight lay tile without distracting too much from other elements of the room. Basketweave is easy to install, and there is very little tile waste involved.



The Versailles pattern, also known as the French pattern, is achieved by laying tiles of 3 or more shapes and sizes into an elegant, abstract arrangement. The pattern depends on how many tile sizes you choose to include. While the Versailles pattern appears to be somewhat random, it actually takes quite a bit of planning to pull off. It’s best to leave this tile pattern to installation professionals. The Versailles pattern is popular in kitchens, bathrooms, and large, open areas. Stone materials complement this pattern extremely well.



The Cobblestone flooring pattern imitates heritage brick street work and is similar to Versailles. Both patterns have an abstract appearance and are formed by combining tiles of different sizes. But if you look closely, you’ll notice that the Cobblestone pattern forms large squares that repeat. This is the difference between Versailles and Cobblestone. Cobblestone’s pattern forms large, repeating squares, while the Versailles pattern does not. Both patterns are beautiful, unique, and eye-catching, but the Cobblestone pattern offers more of a traditional look.



The Windmill pattern is achieved by surrounding a square tile with four rectangular tiles. This pattern is also known as the Pinwheel pattern, and it’s a great choice if you have special square-shaped tiles you want to highlight. The rectangular tiles act as a frame for the square tiles in the middle. This way, you can utilize bold, colorful tiles without overwhelming the space. Many homeowners also choose to contrast the tile and grout colors to make this pattern stand out even more. While it’s a little busy, the Windmill pattern is a great choice for rooms with a plain décor theme.

These are just a handful of the tile patterns you could choose for your next home improvement project. While the straight lay pattern is the fastest and easiest to install, these 6 unique tile patterns could add some serious intrigue to your home. Contact America’s Floor Source or visit one of our locations in Columbus, Louisville, or Indianapolis to explore more tile options today. We have a huge selection of tile materials, colors, and textures. You can also schedule a Mobile Floor Source appointment if you want us to bring tile samples right to your home!

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