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4 Ways to Make Your Room Look Bigger

4 Ways to Make Your Room Look Bigger

Although smaller spaces in the home can be more challenging to design for, you can use smart flooring choices to help maximize the feel of any room. In addition to gauging the natural light that your smaller room receives, you can use these design tips to enhance the visual perspective inside. Here are four valuable ways to make your room look bigger:

1. Select Low-Variation Products

To make a smaller room feel bigger, consider using either larger-sized stone and tile varieties or longer, wider hardwood, laminate, and luxury vinyl planks that feature low color variation. By reducing the number of markings, seams, and grout lines, you can create an uncomplicated visual that showcases as much of the floor as possible. These floors will not only make the surface area appear larger, but your room will also feel more luxurious!

2. Select Lighter Flooring Colors

Brighten up a cramped room with a white, cream, light grey, beige, or greige flooring style to effectively use natural light to your advantage! If your small space features large windows and receives plenty of sunshine, avoid shiny finishes in favor of matte and natural finishes to allow the flooring shade to improve the perception of a small room:

3. Keep Flooring Materials Consistent

With the rise of open floorplans, it’s never been easier to keep the flooring material consistent from the entryway to the kitchen and living room. By using the same color and material throughout the home, a smaller room can blend into and feel like part of a larger, continuous space. Matching your flooring throughout each level can also provide a connection that makes smaller rooms seem larger with a perception of size and spaciousness.

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4. Use Lighter Surfaces Throughout

Another savvy use of flooring is to pair your favorite light-colored choice with corresponding surface colors that will form a low-contrast combination. By using lighter flooring, cabinets, countertops, walls, lighting (white LED over warm LEDs), and trim, this thoughtful design can help visually reduce the horizon line and produce an expansive effect:

It’s easier than you think to make your rooms feel bigger! Make sure to set up a Virtual Design Appointment with our America’s Floor Source experts and we will meet online to review the flooring samples that will help you achieve your goals and ultimate design vision.

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