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4 Secrets of Successful Home Renovations

4 Secrets of Successful Home Renovations

When renovating a home there can be lots of hiccups along the way. If you want to avoid unwanted costs, delays, and issues during renovations, you should remember these 4 things: prepare an accurate budget, measure twice/cut once, prep work is critical, and consult the experts before you start.

1. Budget - When budgeting for flooring, there are a few additional costs that you’ll want to make sure to include in your final numbers. In addition to the flooring material, other items to include in your budget include the removal of old flooring, subfloor prep (if needed), padding (for carpet), installation/labor costs, transitions, and any potential costs for moving furniture.

Depending on specific site conditions, areas of the home, and the flooring being installed, these costs can vary. Understanding each of these costs will help you understand what you can expect to pay overall for the project.

Also, when comparing quotes from flooring vendors, be sure to check the unit of measurement on the quote. Some stores and online prices may be in cost per square yard vs cost per square foot. 

2. Measure - In the simplest terms, it’s length x width. However, to get the most accurate measurements it takes a bit more attention to detail. Since most rooms aren’t square, you’ll want to be sure to measure each wall. Don’t forget about closets, hallways, and cut-out spaces - like a bay window area. 

For trickier floorplans, you can divide the room up into sections and then add the dimension of each section together. Watch this video for full details on how to measure your room

3. Prep Work - Dry, Flat, and Structurally Sound. Evaluating site conditions will help you keep your budget and timeline on track. It will also help installation go smoothly, and reduce the potential for errors.  The condition of your subfloor is critical in ensuring the beauty and life of your new floors. 

Before installing new floors, check for existing and historical moisture in the subflooring. Past events such as heavy rains may have caused dampness there before. If you have hired America’s Floor Source to install your new flooring, our team members will conduct non-destructive moisture tests to address this consideration. Different subfloor materials (wood vs concrete) require different moisture tests, and our team members will perform all the appropriate tests prior to installation!

4. Consult the Experts - Whether you’re trying a DIY project or hiring a contractor, just be sure to do the research, and talk to as many experts in that field as possible. It’s never too late to learn more. Our Personal Flooring Advisors, installation crews, customer service teams, and many more (actually everyone in our company) is always learning and training to become better educated and skilled at their craft. 

As of today - just two years into a new, comprehensive training program - we have: 

  • 401 employees that have completed 20K+ industry-certified courses
    • These employees include sales and account reps, assistants, designers, installers, our leadership team, and more
  • Logged 44K+ hours of training
  • 62 individual employees have earned more than 108 industry-leading certifications 
  • 23 Individual Subcontractors have been sponsored by AFS to earn 26 industry-leading certifications – across all AFS family of brands locations

From subfloor moisture content and PH balance to the proper stitching technique for wool carpets/area rugs, our teams are prepared to help make your next flooring project a success! 

We’re happy to help with your next flooring project! Let us know when you’re ready for a quote and we’ll come out to your home and measure, test, chat, and help you select the best flooring option for your home. You can schedule a Mobile Floor Source appointment or visit one of our showrooms in OH, KY, and IN to see our full selections of products. We also have a selection of excellent products available in our online store, too! Many of these are part of our stocking products or  Close-out deals!

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