Carpet Sets the Standard in Home Flooring

Through the years, carpet flooring has been the mainstay as the first choice for homeowners when selecting a floor covering. Its versatility, comfort and price are just a few of the reasons for carpet’s staying power.

From neutral solids to bold prints, let your personal style shine. Whether you want carpet that blends in as a backdrop for your furnishings or stands out as the main design element, we can help you pick just the right look.

Whether it’s crawling babies starting to walk, toddlers playing with toys on the floor or teens hanging out with friends, they all love carpet. It’s soft to the touch, comfortable and warm. In fact, carpet instantly adds a warm and cozy feeling to any room.

With carpet, you can change the mood of a single room or the whole house. Plus, installation is usually less expensive than hardwood because it’s not as time-intensive. Additionally, carpet flooring aids in insulating your home, which can reduce your heating bills during the cold months.

Available in an almost infinite number of colors, styles and textures, carpet is functional and beautiful in just about any home décor. From traditional to country and from casual to formal, with so many options you’re sure to find the carpet that’s right for your home and lifestyle.


  • Performance
  • Care & Maintenance
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Sound Absorption

Carpet flooring absorbs sound vibrations, so adding it to your bedroom could give you a quieter, and better, night’s sleep.

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Providing traction that helps stabilize each step you take, carpet can protect you and your guests from slips and falls.

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Babies, toddlers, teens and adults can all agree that the feeling of bare feet on soft carpet is irreplaceable.

Care & Maintenance

America’s Floor Source offers 6 and 12 month deferred interest payment plans through the Synchrony financing program.

What type of carpet flooring is right for me? What’s the difference?

Frieze / Twist

One of the most popular styles of carpet for the last 20 years. Trackless and durable, frieze is two-ply yarn twisted together very tightly.


One of the best selling carpets, it’s widely popular, durable, and more affordable. Known for resistance to stains and heavy traffic.


As important as color, patterns can define the purpose of a room, add character, and set the tone for the style and color of room furnishings.


Texture is all about how something feels. Soft, rough, bumpy or smooth, textured carpets add excitement and style to any living space.

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