Area Rugs

An Area Rug is the Accent You’re Looking For

Adding an area rug to a room provides comfort, warmth and aesthetic appeal. They can become artwork on your floor, and they can define your space by creating a frame in which to place your furniture. An area rug may be a better choice than wall-to-wall carpeting if you are looking for flooring that’s easier to clean, or if you anticipate wanting a new look from time to time, as they are simple to switch out with something new.

The perfect accent to your hard surface floor, area rugs are available in a wide variety of solids and patterns. Area rugs provide the softness you’re looking for without giving up the style and texture of your primary floor. And like carpet, an area rug instantly adds a warm and cozy feeling to any room.

Available in an almost infinite number of colors, styles and textures, area rugs are functional and beautiful in nearly any home décor. From traditional to country and from casual to formal, with so many options you’re sure to find the rug that’s right for your home and lifestyle.

  • Performance
  • Care & Maintenance

Sound Absorption

Area rugs absorb sound vibrations, so adding it to your bedroom could give you a quieter, and better, night’s sleep.


Providing traction that helps stabilize each step you take, an area rug can protect you and your guests from slips and falls.


Babies, toddlers, teens and adults can all agree that the feeling of bare feet on a soft rug is irreplaceable.

Care & Maintenance
America’s Floor Source offers 6 and 12 month deferred interest payment plans through the Synchrony financing program.

What type of rug is right for me? What’s the difference?

Frieze / Twist

One of the most popular styles of carpet for the last 20 years. Trackless and durable, frieze is two-ply yarn twisted together very tightly.


One of the best selling carpets, it’s widely popular, durable, and more affordable. Known for resistance to stains and heavy traffic.


As important as color, patterns can define the purpose of a room, add character, and set the tone for the style and color of room furnishings.


Texture is all about how something feels. Soft, rough, bumpy or smooth, textured carpets add excitement and style to any living space.

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