Installation Preparation

Installation Preparation (things to do before the installers arrive)

Thank you for choosing America’s Floor Source for your Floor Covering needs. In order to make the installation process as simple and efficient as possible, it is important that you carefully read and understand our installation policies set forth below.
* Please feel free to download & print this as a PDF if you like.

Below are the items you’ll need to indicate that you understand and accept.

To efficiently and properly install your Floor Coverings on installation day, our installation crews will require the following:

Accessibility to Installation Area

Our installers will need total access to the areas where Floor Coverings are to be installed. Safe and complete driveway access for installation vehicles is required in order to allow proper delivery of all materials. The building or home must be completely closed in, with outside windows, doors and thresholds in place. In addition, please make sure that all other trades (including wet trades such as drywall, painting, staining, etc.) have completed their work and have removed all of their equipment prior to our arrival. For everyone’s safety, please have all pets removed from the area where flooring is being installed.

HVAC, Electric, Lighting & Water

Proper installation of your Floor Coverings requires that in the areas being installed the temperature must be between 60 – 80 degrees Fahrenheit with relative humidity between 30% – 50% during the 5 days prior to installation. Such areas must remain above this temperature and within this humidity range thereafter. After Floor Coverings are installed, HVAC and humidity controls must be permanently and continuously working, keeping the areas at recommended levels. Use of a humidifier throughout the winter/dry months and/or dehumidifier in the summer/humid months is recommended to help keep wood from gaining or losing moisture. Outside installations are weather permitting. Working electric, adequate lighting and accessibility to running water are necessary for proper installation. America’s Floor Source will not be able to do your installation without permanent HVAC, electric, lighting, and running water.


Our installers are happy to move normal furniture during installation, and this service can be arranged through our sales professional. This service may require an additional charge. Please note that items such as appliances or commodes, pool tables, pianos, wood stoves, aquariums, water beds, and grandfather clocks are not considered normal furniture and must be moved by professionals prior to installation. If you are unsure if a particular item needs to be removed prior to the installation of your Floor Coverings, please consult our sales professionals. In the event we do move normal furniture, we are not responsible for damage caused while it is being moved, and we are not responsible for damage to baseboards and walls caused by normal Floor Covering installation. If you wish to have flooring installed under items or furniture that are permanently attached to the structure (radiators, railings, stools, etc.) please have the item(s) removed prior to installation.

Appliances & Electronic Equipment

Appliances with direct water, gas, or electric hookups (such as washers, dryers, all gas appliances, ice makers and commodes) will need to be disconnected prior to our arrival for the installation of your Floor Covering. For your safety, we recommend that a gas company or any other knowledgeable appliance company disconnect and reconnect these appliances. Disconnected appliances can be moved by AFS for a fee. Electronic equipment such as stereos, TVs, audio visual equipment, and computers should also be disconnected and moved before the time of installation. Our installers are not responsible for disconnecting or reconnecting any appliances or electronic equipment

Personal and Decorative Items

We know that some of our customers like to display their crystal, porcelain, china, and other breakables in their cabinets, hutches, and on the surface of tables or other furniture. But this may interfere with your installation, so we ask that you remove anything that may be damaged during the installation process. We also ask that you remove all personal items from the areas where new Floor Coverings are to be installed. These items include, but are not limited to, lamps, plants, pillows, crystal, antiques, aquariums, art work, bedding, books, Christmas trees, clocks, collectibles, dishes, guns, safes, speakers, cable wires, vases, and wet bars. America’s Floor Source is not responsible for damage to personal and decorative items which may occur during installation.

Wall Hangings & Draperies

Since these items can interfere with the installation of your Floor Coverings, please remove wall hangings that hang lower than five feet, and tie back drapes so they are at least 36” from the floor.


All closets and storage areas where new Floor Coverings are to be installed need to be cleared, and all low hanging clothes need to be removed so that there is at least 36” of space above the floor.

Existing Flooring

The removal of existing Floor Coverings is often necessary and can take a considerable amount of time. We can provide this service (except for the removal of vinyl that may contain asbestos, or carpet infested with fleas or saturated with urine) for a charge. If your existing flooring contains asbestos, you will need to contact a licensed asbestos removal company to remove it. Your sales professional will gladly assist you in locating such a company. If you are removing the existing Floor Coverings yourself, please (a) remove the old staples and the old adhesives off of the existing floor leaving the floor clean, smooth and free of debris, and (b) leave the tack strip down only if replacing carpet. You will need to make your own arrangements for disposal if you are removing your existing Floor Coverings yourself, and the existing Floor Coverings must be removed from the installation area before the installation team arrives. America’s Floor Source will not dispose of any existing Floor Coverings unless you have paid for such service. Sometimes there are unforeseen problems with existing floors or substrate. As such, if we run into any unforeseen problem that requires additional work in order to complete your installation, we will notify you of such a problem, any additional charges that may apply, and/or any delays in installation that may result.

Dust & Noise

All flooring installations create dust and noise. You may want to cover all cupboards and furniture (even in adjacent rooms), and consider covering all room openings with plastic. Air filters may need to be replaced after installation.


We had the pleasure of having America’s Floor Source replace all of the hardwood flooring on our first floor back in December. The crew arrived promptly and worked into the evening to complete the job. Needless to say, I am very pleased with the way the floors turned out! They look beautiful! Thank you for your quality workmanship!