Flooring Facts

Flooring Facts (things to know)

We strive to meet all our customers’ expectations. In order to make sure we meet yours, here is a list of facts you need to know about your floor coverings and their installation:


* Please feel free to download & print this as a PDF if you like.

Color Changes and Shading

Many of today’s fabrics display a light or dark shade difference depending on the direction the flooring is laid in the room. Blinds and draperies also affect the amount of natural light hitting the fabric in different areas which will also cause shade variation. As with any material, slight color variations may also occur from dye lot to dye lot. Our sales professionals have discussed this with you. However, if you have additional questions, please ask them now.

Pattern Matching

Due to the nature of the manufacturing process, most print and multi-tone floor coverings are impossible to match exactly. Many of these styles will require additional material to achieve the closet possible match.

Material Waste

Every installation has material waste, and this is normal in floor covering installations. It is generally caused by irregular room shapes, stairs, pattern matches, and other variations present at the installation site or in the floor covering selected. Our measurement of your floor covering needs attempts to minimize the amount of material waste. However, material waste cannot be completely avoided, and refunds cannot be granted for such unused material.


In order to properly install your new floor coverings, cutting and seeming will probably be required and is common practice in the industry. The seams are not invisible. However, our installers take great pride in making these seams as inconspicuous as possible. There is no such thing as an invisible seam. Some floor covering types seam together better than others. In order to cover rooms wider and/or longer than the actual width and/or length of the floor covering you have selected, seams are necessary. America’s Floor Source reserves the right to seam floor coverings as it determines necessary for proper installation unless otherwise specified on the Sales Order and agreed to in writing by both you and America’s Floor Source.

Padding & Underlayment

The amount of underlayment or padding to be used for your installation is determined by America’s Floor Source by considering the measurements of the floor coverings you have selected. In some instances, the amount of padding or underlayment supplied may be less. We have taken this variation into full account in establishing our price.

Manufacturer’s Backing & Variances

Manufacturers are permitted to change backings on their floor coverings, and America’s Floor Source cannot control such changes. In addition, manufacturers are permitted a 2% variance in carpet widths since it is considered within the industry to be within mill tolerances.

Underlayment Lines/Telegraphing

On light color or less expensive vinyl floors, it is not uncommon for the underlayment seams to telegraph through the vinyl depending on the light reflection and the thickness of the vinyl. This is not a defect, but rather a natural occurrence in some vinyl floors.


Other Information & Considerations to Be Aware of Prior to Installation

Unknown Floor Conditions

Sometimes there are unforeseen problems with existing floors, especially if they are currently covered. As such, if we run into any unforeseen problem the requires additional work in order to complete your installation, we will notify you of such a problem, any additional charges that may apply, and/or any delays in installation that may result.

Under Floor Wiring & Radiant Heat

You must notify that installer of all under flooring wiring and radiant heat floors in the installation area. Our installers will use caution to avoid damaging under flooring wiring (such as phones, speakers, alarm systems, etc.) and radiant heat floors, but America’s Floor Source is not responsible for damage to these items.

Doors, Moldings & Paint

We are not responsible for carpentry (including by not limited to altering of doors, cabinets, or woodwork), plumbing, preparing subfloor covering or other labor of any nature, other than actually fitting and/or fastening the floor covering you have purchased. Our installers will gladly remove hinged doors and replace them after installation. However, it may be necessary to have the bottom of your doors trimmed to accommodate possible changes in height. If this is the case, the installer will leave the doors off their hinges so that you can make arrangements to have them trimmed. We will be happy to recommend the proper professional to administer this service. Baseboard moldings in the most installations can be left in place. Our installers will use reasonable care with the moldings but are not responsible for breakage and scratches that occur during normal installation. Scuffing may occur, and we are not responsible for any such scuffing. You are responsible for such repairs and touch ups due to scuffing, and for adjusting molding and/or baseboard height due to any increase or decrease in the finished floor covering height.


Generally, floor coverings are installed on schedule. However, on some occasions, the date or time of your installation may need to be changed due to circumstances beyond our control. AFS excludes and will not pay for consequential or incidental damages of any kind nor will be liable for damages direct or otherwise arising or resulting from delays in performing the service covered on this sales order. No financial compensation will be paid for any delay in receiving material or in performing the installation. America’s Floor Source will not be financially responsible for any direct or indirect damages caused by any delays in the schedule. The prompt and professional installation of your floor covering is always a top priority for America’s Floor Source.


Thank you very much for your services. The carpet looks great and the installers were professional and efficient. We are very excited for our new carpets and look forward to moving into the house in the next few weeks to enjoy them. We will certainly come back to you guys in the future and will be sure to recommend you to everyone we know!
Thanks again!